3 Cold Weather Skin Tweaks


It’s the most wonderful time of the year for hot cocoa. But for your skin? Maybe not so much if you’re sensitive to colder temps.

The weather is beginning to get chilly, and by the time January hits, I’m assuming it’ll become even colder (yay–Baguio weather in Manila!). Because my skin is starting to feel the effects of the temp changes already, I made these tiny tweaks to my usual skin routine to help banish dry patches and that uncomfy, tight feeling post-wash. If your skin is also beginning to feel itchy, turn red, or become flaky, here are my tried-and-tested tricks to giving your complexion a moisture boost:

Tweak 1: Ditch The Foaming Wash.
These kinds of sudsers are excellent at stripping away excess oil from your skin. But because the weather isn’t making your skin extra greasy anymore, the natural oils that you need might be getting stripped away, too. Switch to a non-foaming facial wash to prevent tightness and redness.


My Pick: Physiogel Cleanser, P85. You can use it with or without water and it gets rid of dirt without leaving your skin tight or dry.

Tweak 2: Ditch The Facial Scrubs.
Whoa, whoa. I’m not telling you to stop exfoliating. In fact, you may need to do this at least twice a week to get rid of dry patches and the pore-clogging dirt leftover from all the party makeup you’ve been putting on. What I’m suggesting is that you switch from micro-beaded scrubs to a water-based slougher. It won’t feel as rough or abrasive and it won’t cause micro-tears on sensitive skin.


My Pick: Cure Natural Aqua Gel, P1,500. It’s made up of 90% hydrogenated water and banishes pore-clogging dead skin cells in a flash. After my first use, I woke up to glowing skin the very next day! Check out my detailed review here.

Tweak 3: Ditch Your Cream Moisturizer.
Instead, use a luxe beauty oil that’s more emollient, easy to absorb, and leaves your skin with a nice, dewy sheen. When applying, there’s no need to go crazy. Just spread three to four drops over the palm of your hands and gently press and massage it over your face and neck.


My Pick: The Souq Organics Moroccan Argan Oil, P1,500. When it comes to Argan oils, this is one of the brands that I trust. It’s hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and packaged to ensure that the oil retains its potency longer.

Is your skin changing because of the colder weather? Post a comment below and tell me all about it! ♥

Beauty Directory:
Physiogel Available at Watsons and PCX.
Cure Natural Aqua Gel www.beautybar.com.ph
The Souq Organics www.thesouqorganics.com

Photo Credits:
Courtesy of Daphoto/123rf.com, Physiogel.ph, Beauty Box Corp, and The Souq Organics.

  • Joanne Hubs

    Hey Nicole, do you have an alternative for the exfoliator? One that’s available on the market? :)

    • Hi Joanna! Cure is available in Beauty Bar outlets in Manila. Unless you’re based in another country? :)