3 Things I’m Doing After My Beach Trip

If you’re following me on IG, then you know that I hit the beach over the weekend. I usually stay away from unnecessary UV exposure, but I decided to give in this time. The beach was just too inviting and I was dying to feel the warmth of the sun on my (sunscreen-protected) skin!

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I also got to shoot a video about my beach beauty essentials. Watch out for it on my YouTube channel soon! P.S. Got this cute maillot from @coralswimwearph. Their new summer collection is coming out this week, so follow them!

I really love it when I’m rocking a healthy tan-slash-glow, but because I know how much harm the sun can do to my skin, I do my best to help reverse the damage STAT. Here are a few of my skin-saving techniques:

1. I load up on water, antioxidants, and electrolytes.
You have to help your body heal from within. This means that aside from my regular H20, I will drink tons and tons of coconut water or buko juice and munch on fruits (watermelon is my usual pick) to make sure I’m well-hydrated.

2. I exfoliate and use a face mask.
Exfoliating is basically how I avoid breaking out at the beach (click here to read about that technique). I’ll do this mid-way through my beach trip and I’ll apply my mask on the day that I get the most sun. This one from Etude House was pretty soothing—I used it after I got burned from stalking the Pope during his last visit to Manila!

3. I use anti-aging creams on my body.
You can use a lotion like these ones from Murad and they’ll work fabulously! But if you don’t want to spend, just apply your regular lotion immediately after you shower to lock in the moisture. Then, go the extra mile by applying your anti-aging moisturizer on your hands, feet, neck, and chest. The skin in these spots are pretty thin and will reveal your age faster, so you want to give it more TLC.

And that’s basically it! I do these rituals for about a week or two (it’s like beauty penance for my skin sins, LOL) and then I go back to my normal skin routine. But of course, if you don’t want to do any extra damage control, at least make sure you always slather on sunscreen and reapply every two hours!

Do you like basking under the sun and getting a tan? Leave me a comment and let me know! ♥