3 Ways To Fix A Perfume Overdose

Oops! Did you get trigger-happy and accidentally mist on too much perfume? Don’t worry! I found 3 simple ways you can lessen the intensity of your scent without having to hop in the shower again:

1. Reach For The Alcohol.
Soak a cotton ball with alcohol (rubbing or vodka—both will work!) and dab it over the spots where you spritzed your fragrance. This will help neutralize the scent.

2. Use A Fragrance-Free Lotion.
Layering this on top of your scent will help mask the perfume and distribute it a little more evenly over your skin.

3. Air It Out.
Whenever I spritz too much on my clothes, I stand in front of the electric fan and hope that the scent will evaporate (or lighten up) faster. Tip: If you’re going to use a hairdryer, make sure that it’s on the cool setting. Otherwise, the heat can actually make the notes smell even more intense.

Ever overdose on perfume? Tell me what you did to fix it! ♥