5 Sneaky Ways You’re Making Yourself Age Faster

Why kudos on using that reusable cup. The straw? Not so much.

Why kudos on using that reusable tumbler. The straw? Not so much.

Some of your daily habits can actually speed up the aging process—and you might not even know it! Here’s a quick rundown to help you catch these sneaky, wrinkle-causing culprits.

Culprit #1: The Way You Wash Your Face
The Reason: The constant tugging and pulling of the gentle skin around your face can cause sagging.
The Fix: You know those silly facial wash commercials where you see girls carefully lathering up and rinsing off their faces with a smile? Ya, do that. And please pat (don’t rub!) your face dry while you’re at it.

Culprit #2: Sipping On A Straw
The Reason: Repetitive puckering motions can cause the tiny creases around your mouth to deepen in the long run.
The Fix: Simple—just drink directly from the glass or bottle as much as you can.

Culprit #3: Instagramming (and using your computer)
The Reason: Constant squinting and glancing down to scroll through your feed = crow’s feet.
The Fix: Hold your mobile device at eye-level and blink a little bit more. You can also try taking a gadget break every two hours to relax your eyes for a few minutes—15 if possible.

Culprit #4: Snoozing On A Regular Pillowcase
The Reason: Cotton and rough fabrics can leave sleep lines and suck up the precious anti-aging creams you apply on your face.
The Fix: Invest in silk pillowcases. They’re softer on the skin and are less absorbent.

Culprit #5: Thinking The SPF In Your Makeup Is Enough
The Reason: You need about an almond-sized amount of sunscreen to get the SPF coverage stated on the label for your face and neck.
The Fix: Think of your liquid or powder foundation as your skin’s second line of defense. The first should always be a light, broad-spectrum sunscreen (this is ideal) or a trusted moisturizer that has SPF in its formula.

While writing this, I actually thought of five more youth-stealing culprits. Man, I didn’t realize there were so many! Interested? Let me know by commenting below and I’ll post part deux next week! ♥

Photo Credits: Instagram @calmandserene.