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nicole-photoHey, pretty!

I’m so happy you’re here!

You know how some girls get excited at the thought of shopping for clothes? I feel exactly the same way…about cosmetic counters! New beauty discoveries, tips, and tricks just make me feel all sparkly inside—and I’m hoping to share a little bit of that joy here with you.

I’ve studied makeup professionally and spent years working as a beauty editor for several top magazines in the Philippines like Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, OK!, and Candy. Working with various brands and industry pros has trained me to become a beauty product connoisseur—so I only talk about what I like and what works. Of course, it’s not just about looking pretty on the outside. I’ll be balancing it out by sprinkling a bit of inspirational, feel-beautiful-on-the-inside stuff here, too.

But really, I’m more curious about what your get-pretty concerns are and how I can help. Feel free to ask me about all your makeup/skin/hair dilemmas here and do leave me lovely comments. I’d love to hear from you!

Love and sparkles,


I’ve been working in the publishing industry for over 10 years now, so I wanted to explore what it’s like to write for the digital world, too. Want to see more of my work as a pro writer and editor? Click on the logos to check out my articles!

Photo by Dix Perez. Makeup by John Pagaduan, internationally-accredited Shu Uemura makeup artist. Hair by Angelu Dominguez.

  • Nathalie Tee Ten Montecastro

    Congratulations Nic! Love your blog. :-)

    • Thanks, Nats :) Please don’t forget to subscribe to the e-weekly newsletter! There’s a special surprise :)

  • mm

    it’s good to know you nicole ;) Congrats on this lovely site! more power! :) <3

    • Thank you, MM <3 Good to know you also!! #cpg

  • Aww!! Thank you, Kat! So happy to hear you like my site :) Hearing this keeps me inspired to write more!

  • Cez

    hi, I was an attendee in your make up and beauty tips at Sm megamall in Make up For Ever! you’re so awesome, very friendly and so nice! hope to hear more from you! what’s your facebook and ig?