Are You A Makeup Addict?

I just got proof that I am. Haha, and that apparently, I am also a makeup hoarder :p See evidence below.

At least my family's supportive, right? Haha!

At least my family’s supportive, right? Haha! P.S. I’m lusting for the Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder in Precious Petals.

I was good, guys. I only asked for one. But now, I’m kinda getting antsy. Maybe I should’ve asked for two in case I accidentally drop it and it breaks. Or maybe, I should’ve gotten three in case said backup breaks and I hit pan faster than anticipated because it’s that fabulous. I mean, it’s just US$4, right? No harm done.

Ahhhh…Hahaha, I think I need help. Are you like this when it comes to good makeup deals, too? Tell me I’m not the only one! Better yet, please tell me if this is available in Manila!

Wishing you a happy Monday, my sparkly loves! ♥