Tipid Trick: Banish Shine On BDJBox.com

Visit BDJBox.com to find out how TP can help you keep shine away.

Visit BDJBox.com to find out how basic T.P. can help keep oily skin away.

No need for powder or blotting sheets, girls. This budget beauty move will teach you how to get rid of excess shine using…TOILET PAPER! It’s not very glamorous, but it really works—and it won’t affect your makeup either. Curious? Click here to read my latest article on BDJBox.com ♥

The Hit List: Felt-Tip Liners

Thinking of trying a sexy cat’s eye or just want to add more oomph to your gaze? Try these felt-tip liners. It works like a pen, so it’s easier to control and they’re pretty good for babes on a budget.


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It All Began With Lipstick…

When I was younger, I remember watching my mom put on lipstick. I was entranced as she carefully guided the tube over her lips and removed smudges with a sharp flick of her fingers. The shade: Red. It was always red. Until now, I still love watching her do this.

Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara posted this on her Twitter account. My mom never said this to me though—I just followed her example.

Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara posted this on her Twitter account. My mom never said this to me though—I just followed her example.

At such an early age, I saw how little beauty moves can transform the way a girl carries herself. I noticed it more at salons, actually. I would watch for the subtle changes in each woman as she stood up from her stylist’s chair: Her eyes would sparkle a bit more and she’d walk a little taller, suddenly armed with everything she needed to face the day. It was probably here that my love affair with beauty began…

In my experience, there’s really more to beauty than just finding the right products or perfecting your makeup technique (although these play important roles in the whole experience). It’s also about the feeling that a lipstick shade or hairstyle can evoke in a woman. It can be quite empowering. And that’s why I’d like to use this blog as a platform to help you (yes, you!) find the right get-pretty tools that can bring your beauty goddess forward.

How do you bring out your inner beauty goddess?

How do you bring out your inner Aphrodite?

Let’s start with something simple: Ever notice how most girls have a beauty move that they need to do before leaving the house? For Sofia Vergara and her mom (and me and mine), it’s putting on lipstick. For other women, it’s filling in their eyebrows or styling their hair. It’s just something you have to do before stepping out—like brushing your teeth or putting on underwear.

What about you? What’s the one beauty move that always makes you feel empowered and gorgeous? Do tell! I’d love to hear from you. ♥

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Photo Credits: Twitter @sofiavergara; Kiuikson/123rf.com.