Beauty Q&A: How Do I Prevent Caking?

Happy Monday, ladies! I got an interesting makeup question from one of my readers recently…Check it:

Whenever I put on my powder or set my liquid foundation with powder, I notice that it always cakes—especially around the nose area. Am I doing it the wrong way? Should I wait for my foundation to dry before applying powder? Please share tips on how to do this properly. —Joy

Such an interesting question, Joy! I have so many answers because a lot of elements come into play:

1. First, you should definitely wait for your liquid makeup to settle into your skin. Just do your brows while you wait.
2. Once you’ve powdered, don’t even think about going over your face with more creams or liquids—it’ll definitely cake if you do.
3. When setting your liquid foundation, I recommend using translucent powder. You’ll score a more flawless finish because the particles are finer and you won’t be piling on more color.

Now I have a question for you: How do you actually apply the powder? Do you rub or pat it on? I discovered an AWESOME powder application trick (I call it the press-and-roll) and it’s been my secret to scoring a smoother, cake-free finish every time—and all you need is a powder puff!


I used loose powder here, but trust me, this technique works on compacts, too! Just use the puff like a sponge to lift the powder from your compact and move on to Step 2.

Hope these tips help your caking dilemma, Joy! Keep in mind that you should also consider the products you’re using. If they aren’t high in quality, then you’ll continue to encounter lots of caking issues even if you follow the right techniques.

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  • Lee Buaya

    Uber helpful! Must get a powder puff! XD

    • Glad you think it’s helpful! I got the pink powder puff in the photo from Landmark—super affordable!

  • i usually rub the powder after applying a foundation :P
    now I can use ur quick tip.. i’ll use powder puff na