Now Trending: MAC + Bobbi Brown’s A/W 2013 Update

I got a couple of press kits in my e-mail about what looks are hot for fall from MAC and Bobbi Brown. I haven’t had a chance to try their latest collections yet, but let’s take a gander at their look books for some makeup inspiration, shall we?



MAC’s Take: Texture over color. This means that it’s all about highlighting your finish—matte, dewy, or glossy—and not covering up your face with a thick layer of foundation. Your skin should still be able to peek through your makeup and catch eyes by playing with natural light.



Bobbi Brown’s Take: “This fall, chocolate is the new brown,” says makeup guru Bobbi Brown. Rich shades of cocoa can be worn alone during the day or layered on for a sexy, smoky look. Try adding a hint of caramel-colored shimmer when blending to add more sparkle to your eyes and brighten ’em up.



MAC’s Take: It’s unanimous—red is the color of the season. The beauty trick, however, is to make it contemporary and intriguing. How? Use the color palette above as a guide and work on flaunting modern shades like bloody crimson, a blurry bordeaux, or a goth-inspired stain. ♥

Which trend will you try? Let me know by posting a comment below!

Photo Credits: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics and Bobbi Brown.

Tried & Tested: Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

The right blush can add dimension to your face and make you look like you’ve got a fabulous, rosy glow. There are many formulas to choose from, but if you prefer something natural-looking and easy to apply, the Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush might just be what you’re looking for.

This Maybelline gel blush is practically a steal at P429!

This Maybelline gel blush is practically a steal at P429!

Check out my review of this bouncy product (it really springs when you touch it—fun!) on here. ♥


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Boys + Makeup = Madness

Who doesn’t love YouTube beauty guru and Lancôme’s first ever video makeup artist, Michelle Phan? She recently visited the HQ and they produced a hilarious video where three men tried to re-create a look from one of her tutorials. She didn’t take it easy on them and chose a challenging how-to that even most women would have trouble with. But enough talking—just watch and prepare yourself for lots of cute and funny moments (Guy, while applying eyeshadow: “Oof! You get little fluffs of dust that get in your eyes. It’s like a contact sport.”).


See, gentlemen. It’s harder than it looks, so please don’t complain if we need a little extra time primping. ♥

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