Get Lippie Tuesday

Here’s what we’re reviewing today:

Max Factor Flipstick Colour Effect in Bloomy Pink.

Max Factor Flipstick Colour Effect in Bloomy Pink.

I just found this in my stash while I was rushing off to a meeting. I never really tried Max Factor lipsticks before either and hoped that the formula would feel comfy on my lips. But the real reason I was iffy about giving it a try? The frosty finish. It just seemed so…90s. LOL!

It was the frosty finish that I was really worried about here. It seemed so...90s. LOL!

But look—it’s not so bad. The pigment is good for daily use and the rose-like hues might even be flattering on my skintone.

I have to admit—this flipstick (clever name!) has piqued my interest. I do love layering different lip colors, so this will definitely give me plenty of hue options to play around with.

Here's the lighter pink shade on my lips. I didn't prep with balm, but it glides on pretty smoothly.

Here’s the lighter pink shade on my lips. I didn’t prep with balm, but it glides on pretty smoothly.

I was surprised that it was actually quite flattering! Even though it was very light, the color suited my lips and skin very well. I’ve been reading in about this whole “My Lips But Better” trend, and I feel like this lippie gives me that effect—kinda like a semi-nude lippie that won’t wash you out.


Layered the darker hue over the lighter one here! I like how it subtly deepened the tone and adds more color to your face without being overpowering.

The colors look like shades of rose petals to me, which I find absolutely gorgeous. It’s really a great shade for work, since it brings adds a healthy pop of color to your face. But what really hooked me here was tiny size of the actual lipstick. Since it wasn’t the size of a normal tube (it’s a little thinner than my pinky finger), it was the right proportion for my actual lips. I got precision application and didn’t have to worry about it going past my natural lip line—and all without having to use a brush. That means it’s great for on-the-go gals and those who like to retouch while stuck in traffic (although you shouldn’t do that, hehe).

What do you think of this lippie? Yay or nay? ♥

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