Remember my US Beauty Haul video?

Well, I finally tried the Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Lipstick in Spiderweb, US$18! As I mentioned in the video, I got it because I wanted to cop Gwen’s signature, vivid red pout.

Yup, that's the color I'm looking for! Her signature red.

Yup, that’s the color I’m looking for! Her signature red!

I didn’t get to see it in person, so I was super hoping that I made the right choice and that it’ll look great on my skintone.

Saw this on Mariel's IG and the shades (listed in the photo's comments) are so pretty! Want, want, want!

I actually posted about lusting for Gwen’s lippie collection here. So I did a lot of IG stalking and debated between getting Spiderweb and 714.

Obviously, you know I went with this choice.

Obviously, you know I went with this choice.

But the real question now is, did it give me the va-va-voom red that I’m looking for?

Before I answer that, here's what the lipstick tube looks like.

Before I answer that, let me show you what the lipstick tube looks like first.

I loved the packaging—very hip, cool, trendy, and chic. It’s definitely not common, so naturally, it’ll be fun to whip out when you’re touching up. Another bonus? The gold stripes are easy to spot when you’re digging through your bag.

Swatched! I think I layered on about three coats here.

Swatched! I think I layered on about three coats here.

The color is pretty rich and the formula is thick and creamy. It really latches onto your lips. There’s no scent and it’s not drying at all, so that’s a big win. And those sparkles you see on the swatch? Not really visible on your pout, but it will give your lips a nice, subtle shine.

Love it!

Love it!

It’s a potent, creamy red and not one that you should swipe on haphazardly. Use a lip brush to get full-on drama and to make sure that the shape is perfect. It is absolutely my go-to power lipstick right now and I don’t leave home without it. As for lasting power? It’s not so strong (maybe one to two hours) and it’ll definitely bleed out (prevent this by lightly powdering around your lips). So yes, it is a high maintenance lipstick—but it is totally worth it if you want to make a strong, beauty impact.

It's not exactly a color match since Gwen's is more orange-y and mine more pinkish, but I feel like it's close enough.

It’s not exactly a color match since Gwen’s is more orange-y and mine more pinkish, but I feel like it’s close enough.

Texture-wise and in terms of richness, I got what I wanted. In terms of color, it’s not an exact match. But since I’m not a big fan of orange undertones anyway, it works out! If you want a matte finish and something that’s more similar to the photo, then go for 714.

Unfortunately though, it's sold out!

Unfortunately though, it’s sold out!

And yes, Gwen’s entire makeup collection is on sale, guys! It’s 50% off on Sephora.com and on the Urban Decay website. So if you want to grab something from her line, click here before it’s gone. Looks like Urban Decay’s making way for something new soon!

What do you think of this red lipstick shade? Yay or nay? ♥

  • Crissy Rillo

    Umm to me personally, if that was on me, nay. :( I love the packaging and the brand but the lasting power isn’t as efficient. And the bleeding…Sad! I would still go for the trusty Mac Russian Red. :)

    • True! It’s a high-maintenance lipstick! Haha