Guest Post: 5 Things to Help your Flow

ED’S NOTE: Remember my sister, Camille? She’s a certified yoga instructor and a nutrition coach, so I asked her to attend an event about wellness and your monthly flow for me. I thought we could all learn something new about how to handle that time of the month better and see how it can also affect our skin. I hope you like this little addition to Sparkle Bites as much as I did (my fave tip is #3!). —N.

As women, we face many challenges whenever our monthly visitor arrives. The breakouts, the bloating, the crummy mood, and the over all tiredness—it can all be tortuous at times. That’s why it was quite refreshing to learn how to manage Aunty Flo through healthier choices. Here are three of my favorite (among the many!) tips that Jeunesse Anion shared during their 4th year anniversary celebration:

Tip #1: Yoga is awesome for your period.
There are a lot of health benefits that come with practicing Yoga regularly such as increased muscle tone and strength, better circulation, and reduced stress. It’s great for detoxifying the body as well as the mind and the spirit. At the event, we got to experience an Ashtanga Yoga class led by Bubbles Paraiso. She claims that that Yoga “helps to clarify your skin and brings out that inner glow.” All these benefits of Yoga definitely lead to more comfort (and confidence!) during our periods.

Fellow yoga instructor, Bubbles Paraiso, helping me out with Downward Facing Dog. It's a great pose for releasing tension in the back and legs.

Fellow yoga instructor, Bubbles Paraiso, helping me out with Downward Facing Dog. It’s a great pose for releasing tension in the back and legs.

Tip #2: Hide your junk food stash
According to Philippines and US registered dietician Ms. Cheshire Que, RND, RN, RDN, what we eat greatly impacts how we feel, especially during those red days. Apparently, the food that we normally indulge in such as desserts and extra salty snacks are the very culprit of the usual bloating, mood swings, and sometimes, even breakouts. Healthier choices (such as fruits, veggies, and lots of water) can help keep your energy balanced and your mood positive.

Tip #3: Don’t forget your skin.
Speaking of breakouts, another thing I learned is that we should also prep our skin with the right regimen as well. I do that by tracking my cycle (this app can help you do that) and on the days leading up to Ms. Flow, I start to exfoliate a bit more and use a face mask that helps balance and control my skin’s oil production. This helps to get rid of the extra dirt that triggers those unruly zits.

And it's always loads of fun to take selfies with masks on! I'll write a more thorough review of these soon—watch out for it!

And on lucky days, I get to convince my sister to give me a full facial! Hehe! But seriously, face masking has really helped me keep my skin clear and smooth.

Tip #4: Rest is just as important as your workout.
Did you know that resting for 2 to 3 days after an intense workout is vital for developing your body? It’s helpful in avoiding injury and giving your muscles time to heal. Nike Run Club Coach, Dr. Lyllian Banzon, MD, MBA, says that it’s definitely safe to stick to your routine even on those red days. “There’s a lot you can do even with your monthly visitor,” she says. “Don’t let small things stop you from being better.” So don’t forget to get back to the gym after the recovery period.

Tip #5: Don’t underestimate the importance of a good pad.
Feeling fresh and clean can be a struggle when you’re not using the right pad. Comfort and making sure that your napkin doesn’t leak used to be the only requirements, but pads nowadays are a bit more high-tech. Case in point: Jeunesse Anion’s Sanitary napkins lace theirs with a special anion chip that’s supposed to help balance your pH and hormone levels, reduce inflammation, fight against infections, and even unwanted odors. I used to struggle with my monthly visitor, but using the right techniques (and the right pad!) definitely made a HUGE difference.

After hearing about all the benefits, I'm officially a convert!

Yup, I’m officially a convert! Thanks for helping me feel more empowered even when I have my periods, Jeunesse!


What about you guys? How do you deal with that time of the month? I hope you’ll share your feel-good tips with us! ♥

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