How I Got Rid Of My Acne Scars

There are many different types of acne scars. The one I’ll talk about today is, in my opinion, the worst kind. Craters. Pock marks. Just nasty little buggers that leave holes in your face. Ayayay, as if a horrible pimple wasn’t enough.

Sorry, guys. I'm not brave enough to post pics of my skin when it was at it's worst (maybe someday). For now, enjoy this infographic and try to identify which type of scar you have.

Sorry, guys. I’m not brave enough to post pics of my skin when it was at it’s worst (maybe someday). For now, enjoy this infographic and try to identify which type of scar you have.

After my horrible bout with cystic acne (see the major reason behind my breakouts here), I was left with rolling acne scars. Apparently, even if you don’t pick on your pimples and treat it with care, the skin inflammation is so intense that it can still cause significant damage—enough to leave a scar.

When I first noticed the scar(s) left behind by my breakouts, I assumed it was just pigmentation. But once that lightened up, I was horrified to discover that it also left a mini crater. It was most visible under overhead lighting, but I still got super depressed (and stressed out!) since I never had to deal with this before.

Fortunately, I found a few solutions that helped improve my skin condition. The trick is to deal with the scar while it’s fresh and to use the right collagen-boosting cream to help your skin rebuild the cells that were damaged.

My skin helpers! Got RoC in the US, but found certain products from the brand are available here.

My skin helpers! Got RoC in the US, but found certain products from the brand are available here. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Arden is available at Rustan’s Department Stores.

Here’s the scoop on what I did to help banish the scars:

1.I Went To A Dermatologist. I was on an organic kick at the time and I hoped that if the pimple went away naturally, then it wouldn’t scar. Guess what? I was wrong. So…If I was going to get a scar anyway, might as well have that zit die! Haha! I went to a derma and started getting regular facials again (I passed on injections since I noticed they left deeper marks later on). Thankfully, my complexion is so much better now. So target your skin issues first to avoid getting pimples. No pimples = no scars.
2. I Used Virgin Coconut Oil. Told you I was on an organic kick. To treat the problematic spots, I’d soak a piece of cotton in oil and leave it over the scar while I slept. I did this every night, but it took three to four months before I saw noticeable results. Another problem: I think the VCO just made me breakout more. It works for others, but it didn’t suit my skin. Once I stopped using it, my skin calmed down a lot more.
3. I Used Retinol. This was the game changer. While I was at the derma, I whined to her that I was getting little crater marks after my facials. “Don’t you have retinol?” she asked. Oh yeaaaah. I began putting a teeny-tiny dot of RoC Retinol Correxion Sensitive Eye Cream every other night (my sister bought this for me in the US after my friend, Rach, recommended it). After about a two to three weeks, the scar I was treating began to lift. Now, it just looks like an enlarged pore and is evening out quickly. Yay! Ed’s Note: Before the retinol, I would dab a bit my old eye cream (Elizabeth Arden Anti-Aging Eye Serum, P5,800), too. That helped as well.
4. I Slept Early. Your skin rejuvenates and repairs itself while you sleep. More sleep = more time for optimal healing. It’s challenging to hit the hay early, but if you’re serious about scoring a better complexion, then make an effort. While you’re at it, drink more water, too (see why here).
5.I prayed. Don’t laugh. I really did. I prayed and I meditated. I also affirmed that my skin was getting smoother, even, and better every day. You know what? I think it helped.

Because I brought up retinol, let me tell you my stance: I am very wary of using this ingredient. I chose the gentlest formula I could and because it’s an eye cream, it probably wouldn’t be as aggressive. When using retinol, it’s best to consult with a derma because skin irritations and redness may occur. And always, always, always use sunscreen. Otherwise, the UV rays will just damage your skin and hinder its healing even more (but I’m sure you do this daily anyway, right? RIGHT?).

So that’s my acne scar tale. I hope these beauty suggestions help you, because I don’t want you to get sad or depressed or lose confidence. There are steps you can take to score a better complexion, but it will take time. I think part of the reason why my scars are healing well is because I acted quickly (while they were still fresh) and because I never took my skin for granted (guess the years of slathering on creams paid off). If your skin is really bad or you’ve had the scars for some time, check with a licensed derma and see if there are laser procedures that can help you. But only use that as a last resort, because it actually takes about a year for this type of scar to heal. Until then, be patient…and remember, you’re beautiful no matter what! ♥

  • Jimmy

    When you say ‘fresh’ what does that mean? As in, how old were your acne scars that you were able to eliminate them with the use of retinol?

    • Hi Jimmy! I start treating acne scars about a week or two after they’ve healed. The longest I’ve waited is about 3 months, but only because I didn’t notice it left a crater mark. I’m still trying to eliminate some of my scars completely, but I’d say that it’s lifted about 80% of the way, so at least it’s not as noticeable anymore.

      Keep in mind that the retinol formula I used was very mild. Recently, I tried Bio-Oil also and it’s been helping also. It’s important to be consistent with your application, and remember, it’s always best to consult with a licensed derma :) Good luck!

  • Jemima Darleen

    waaaaah…i have those too and i hate them!! thank you Ms. Nicole for this..but i think i had those after my addict magpa-facial phase. I didn’t notice na i have it until mga recently eh super tagal na nun pero it’s not a lot but nakakainis pa rin..huhu so it’s okay lang magpa facial basta wag mag pa inject for pimples? nag ganun kasi ako dati bec i had a lot of pimples bec of hormonal ek-ek.. Sorry it’s quite long..hehe Thank You!!!

    • YESSS! I get you…It shows up a few weeks/months after a bad facial :( I noticed that I scar less talaga when I don’t make pa-inject. Also, I learned that you have to choose your facialist well kasi if mabigat ang kamay, you might scar! I only go to Belo or Dra. Cabral-Villar in Makati Med to be sure. Treat early (and pray, haha!) para it’ll heal well. Good luck!