I’m In Baguio—And I’m So Glad I Brought These Products!

Hello from the City of Pines!

Finally got to see the BenCab Museum yesterday! I could camp out here for days :)

Finally got to see the BenCab Museum yesterday! I could stay here for days :)

The weather is perfect—cloudy with light drizzles and cool enough to shrug a jacket over your shoulders. It was just the getaway I needed and it gave me a chance to bring a few (okay, a lot) of new products to try!

Working from Hill Station today!

My top 3 picks! And also, working from Hill Station today (had a yummy breakfast here and decided to camp out for a bit).

I’m seriously thinking of staying here for a few weeks. So much fun to write when this is your view (and you have excellent WiFi). But before I start rambling about how much I heart Baguio, let me get back to my Top 3 beauty picks for this trip. 

I could survive with just these three, I think.

I could survive with just these three, I think—and this eye cream!

1. NARS Luminous Moisture Cream
It’s hydrating and it gives my skin a gorgeous glow—no foundation needed! This way, I don’t have to stress out about removing my makeup when I get back to my hotel late at night.

2. Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer
I’m hooked on the formula! It’s moisturizing enough and works as a good balm. The color is vivid and sexy (without being too OTT for a vacay) and it’s pretty enough to whip out when you’re retouching. As for the pretty purple shade? I’ll have to tease you and reveal it tomorrow for #GetLippieTuesday!

3. Nuxe Multi-Purpose Dry Oil 
This works for your face, body, and hair. I didn’t want to pack too much for a three-day trip, so this was perfect. It’s light enough to add shine to my dry strands without weighing them down (no humidity = no extra volume). And since the weather is colder, I could use the oil on the areas that got extra dry like my elbows and just add a few drops to my NARS cream when I want something heavier or more moisturizing on my face at night.

That’s it, guys! I’ll update it with prices when I get back to Manila (sorry, I’m so bad at that!). I have to go because everyone’s waiting for me and moaning about me working, but I had to pop in and say hi to y’all first! If you want me to review anything here more thoroughly, just tell me in the comments.

Happy Monday!!! ♥

Beauty Directory
Clinique Available at Rustan’s Department Stores.
NARS Available at Rustan’s Department Stores.
Nuxe Available at Beauty Bar.

  • More Baguio pics, please. :) I want to go to Bencab Museum, too. :) Haven’t been to Baguio din pala. Hahaha. I live under rock. ;)

    • Ooh, okay :) Soon!! You should make time to go when you can—so many nice places to explore.

      • Oo nga po eh. Schedule’s a bit hard to work with. Wala po kasing holiday sa news. :(