Instagram Freebie Winner!

My loyal readers (and avid commenters) get serious plus points when it comes to winning the contests on my blog, so…

You won! Send me your shipping details please, so I can send the 6K worth of beauty loot for you and your friend!

You won! Send your shipping details to, so I can send the 6K worth of beauty loot to you and your friend!

Watch out for more contests soon, so make sure you’re following me on Instagram via @beautyandsparkl and subscribed to my YouTube channel here to make sure you get first dibs. And thank you so much to everyone who joined! If you haven’t won yet, you know what to do ;)

I’m currently in Bohol on vacay! Follow me on Snapchat (@beautyandsparkl) to see what I’m up to! ♥

  • Jhake o.

    I sent an email to you last night. Thank you talaga, Ms. Nicole! Enjoy your Bohol vacation! -jeyloo18