Major Freebie Alert: The New Lux Perfumed Bath Collection

I got this very exciting note over the weekend—and I was DYING to share it with you guys!

Oooh…the world’s #1 bath soap??? Do you have any idea what it could be?

I’m very into taking long, luxurious showers, so I love trying new sudsers. It makes bath time a lot more fun and it’s a great way to feel pampered after the end of a long day.

Meet the Lux Magical Spell Fragranced Body Wash and Perfumed Soap! You guys are among the first who are getting a close look at this product!

What makes the LUX line so different is that its scents are created by perfume experts from New York, Paris, and London. Some of these top perfumers are even the noses behind ritzy fragrances like Dior, Marc Jacobs, Elizabeth Arden, and Estée Lauder. So impressive!

The scent behind Lux Magic Spell was created by Givaudan’s Nicole Mancini.

It’s a strong and very feminine floral. I would say that the woman behind this scent knows how to work her magic, you know? Like she’s the type who goes for what she wants, she’s very successful, and she likes to treat herself to things that seduce her senses.

Such a luscious purple! The notes: precious and exotic Black Orchid, opulent dark florals, golden amber and vanilla bean.

Here’s the thing: Just like perfumes, the scent totally smells different in the bottle and on your skin. I found that the more I mixed the soap with water, the better it smelled. Some of the subtle, sweeter notes—like the vanilla and dark woods—were able to come out more. I felt refreshed, pampered, and relaxed after my shower!

I love rich lathers! I really suggest you use the body wash with a poof—it’s a great way to work the scent into your skin.

Now for the fun part! I was given a special link that I can share EXCLUSIVELY with my readers, so that you can have these LUX goodies for FREE! To celebrate their launch, LUX is giving away a gorgeous set (complete with a chic leather case!) to the first 4,500 people who sign-up on their site–and they’ll deliver the beauty goodies to your house, too!  

Ta-daaa! Sign up here and you can receive this kit from LUX! It’s just like the one I got :)

Again, only the first 4,500 who sign-up get a kit! So hurry, hurry! I want my sparkly readers to experience what it feels like to have an indulgent LUX treat. Btw, they’re limiting it to one kit per address only. This means that if your sister wants a sample and you live in the same house, she’ll have to plug in a different address in order to get her own kit. Quick—click here to register for your LUX freebies!

Here’s a closer look at the soap. I like using this for days when I’m in a rush.

The scent from the LUX Magic Spell line actually lasts for up to 8 hours, so if you hate lugging around heavy perfume bottles, this is perfect! It’s actually one of the reasons I lather up with this in the morning. I don’t have to worry about spritzing and freshening up mid-day anymore.

What do you think of the new LUX bath line? Are you going to sign-up for free samples? Tag me if you do! I’d love to see your kits when you get them. ♥

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