• Allyssa

    Hello ! How will I know what shade of make up ( concealer , foundation ) is right for me ? :-)

  • MeAnn

    I want to buy PHILOSOPHY PURE GRACE BODY SPRITZ. Do you carry this product? Please let me know so I can rush there tonight :D

    • Hi MeAnn! Yup, I think they carry Pure Grace! I saw it at the launch, but always better to call and check to make sure they have stock.

      • MeAnn

        do you have their number? thanks :D

        • Sorry, dear! I don’t have it. Perhaps you can Google it? All I know is that the store is in SM Mega Fashion Hall and I think they also opened a kiosk-type in Greenbelt.

  • Jenina

    Hi! I just wanted to ask what beauty products can you recommend for my post-partum beauty regimen? Thanks!

  • Claire Sereno

    Hello. I just want to ask what shade of lippie should buy buy considering i have pouty lips

    • Hi Claire! In my opinion, any color is okay :) Pouty lips are an asset and women actually PAY to have lips like yours. Work it! I suggest you just go for matte or satin finishes if you really don’t want to highlight this feature. Glosses will make your lips appear more full…but really, work those kissable lips ;)

  • Olga C. Paguio

    Hi! What’s your tip in keeping the lipstick to stay long?

  • Madeth

    Hi miss Nicole! How do you do your hair? I love it super