My Mini Makeover

The last time I had a real hair cut with my hairstylist, Jing Monis, was around late January. At the time, I wanted to experiment with a shorter bob. Check it:


Hanging out with my former editor, Ianne Evangelista, and fashion editor, Rachelle Que. This was after the Philosophy launch a few months ago. Look how black my strands are!

Now I want to grow out my hair. I blame Taylor Swift for this, really.

It reminds me of Karlie Kloss' bob, but I like it on Taylor more. Love how she styles it in so many different ways!

Taylor’s long bob (or lob, as it’s more popularly known) is sooo chic. I super like how she plays around with the way she styles it. The cut actually reminds me of Karlie Kloss’ bob, but I appreciate this look on Taylor much more.

During my appointment with Jing last Monday, I told him I wanted to grow out my hair. He described the look he had in mind for me and…it was Taylor’s cut! Hmm, this cut and I must really be MFEO.


Jing re-shaped my modern bob, so it can grow into a long bob.

Because my hair is still too short for the look, Jing put in a lot of short, choppy layers. This way, it can grow into a lob nicely. Ooh, and I got long bangs, too!


Blown out and ironed! Just a few more inches to grow!

While at the salon, Jing also wanted to color my hair and add highlights. I was a bit hesitant because I’ve been in hair rehab for nearly two years now (read why here and here). My hair was back to it’s virgin, black state and I was liking how low maint it was. But guess what? Colored and highlighted my tresses anyway.


Most hairstylists say that a cut is incomplete without color—and I have to agree! Tip: When highlighting, Jing says thin strips are better if you want a more natural, subtle effect.

I like how my new hair hue warmed up my skintone and softened my features. He chose ash tones since my hair was so dark and used three colors for my foil highlights. I’m loving my new look, but I kinda miss my precision bob—it was so modern and sharp! Whenever I change my look, it usually takes me a week or two to adjust to my new hairstyle and learn how to style it. If you’re like this also, don’t let these factors deter you from experimenting with new ’dos!


With my cutie cousin, Chubby, at our family dinner last night. I still need to work on getting my bangs to stay put. Hmm, I wonder how Taylor does it…

Now I just need to be patient while my hair grows. I can’t wait to reach my Taylor Swift hair goal! Are you also fan girling over a celebrity cut? Leave me a comment below and tell me whose ’do you’re loving! ♥

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  • so pretty! now you make me want to grow out my hair too! ^_^

    • Aww, thank you! Go, grow it out na! Hehe :p