Q&A: Do I Need To Wear Sunscreen Even If It’s Rainy Season?

YES! Si! Oui! Oo! 

Get the picture?

You absolutely, positively do have to wear sunscreen every day—even if it’s cloudy outside. Heck, even if you’re just at home. Your computer screen, fluorescent lights, and just every little UV ray coming through the windows still penetrate your skin. And that will accumulate over time and skin damage!

Found this cool infographic from Badger. It's a simple way of explaining how sunscreen protects your skin. I really suggest SPF30 as the new minimum. SPF15 really isn't enough anymore.

Do you want wrinkles, sagging, age spots? Okidoki, then don’t apply sunscreen. But in case you’re interested in protecting your skin (yay!), here’s a cool infographic from Badger that explains how sunscreen works. As you can see, SPF30 is best for optimum protection.

Are you still not convinced? Are you thinking, “Ya, I already know this…but I’ll probably skip it anyway. Doesn’t really make a difference.” Well, well, well, my friend. Watch this video and prepare to feel the fear.

Okaaaay, so I don’t really want you to feel the fear. That was just me being overdramatic. But I do want you to take your sunscreen  application seriously. Commit to it. You’ll be glad you did 10 years from now. Trust me—I’m 33 and I owe it all to two things: (1) good genes and (2) my constant reapplying.

Do you apply sunscreen daily? What’s your SPF of choice? ♥

  • kat

    what everyday sunscreen do you recommend?