Review: Locycare Nail Gel

I’m definitely a polish addict, but there are times when I want to rest my nails. The problem? I feel incomplete without color on my digits (especially my toes) and I hate putting my yellow-stained nails on display.

Eep! Can you see the discoloration?

Eep! My nails are practically orange! Can you see the discoloration and dry flakes peeling off?

This photo was taken a few months ago. I was super worried about the health of my nails and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get them to heal for so long. Here’s what I tried to help improve my nail sitch:

  • Lemon Water + Baking Soda. I used  a toothbrush to buff my nails with this natural remedy, but it didn’t really work and it dried out my nails even more!
  • A Polish Hiatus. I was only able to do three weeks. Although it helped lighten the stains, it didn’t really help with the flaking.
  • Argan Oil. I would massage this over my nails sporadically, but well, it’s oil. It wasn’t absorbed as well as I would like and it got all over my keyboard (and phone!).
  • Biotin. This supplement is supposed to help strengthen your nails and hair. Just make sure to consult with your MD before taking it first.
That's why I was super excited to try out Locycare. It's a nail gel that helps moisturize and whiten your nails—two beauty woes in one go!

Nothing really worked, so I was super excited to try out Locycare Nail Gel at Maîson (and with my gal pal, Frances, too!). It hits two beauty woes in one go by moisturizing and whitening your nails.

So here’s what I learned at the event: Locycare contains humectants (these help prevent moisture loss) and Artemisia leaf extract to hydrate and improve dry, damaged, and discolored nails. It promises results in two weeks if you use it twice a day.

I’m gonna ’fess up though: I didn’t use it twice a day, but surprisingly, I still saw results!

To apply, you just squeeze a tiny drop on each nail and massage it in. It's that simple!

To apply, you just squeeze a tiny drop on each nail and massage it in. It’s that simple! I placed this by my lotions, so I would remember to use it.

I think my real mistake was that I was resting my nails from polish without treating them. You have to think of damaged nails like you would your skin—you have to apply a “whitening moisturizer” to help heal any dryness and reverse discoloration.

Here's what my nails look like after I massaged the gel in. Nice and shiny!

Here’s what my nails look like after I massaged the gel—nice and shiny! This was taken after I used it for about two weeks. So happy that they’re not as yellow anymore.

The gel is a little sticky, so I rub it into my nails using just my index finger to avoid making a mess. It also takes about three to five minutes to get absorbed, but it does stay in place (no need to worry about it spreading all over your fingers). If you’re in a hurry, just put a drop on every other finger. It’s should be enough to coat each nail. A little goes a long way, so this tube can last you months!

Nail talk with Locycare's brand ambassador and fellow polish addict, Agoo Bengzon. "Locycare helps me take proper care of my nails by restoring and locking in the nails’ natural moisture," she says.

Nail talk with Locycare’s brand ambassador and fellow polish addict, Agoo Bengzon. She, of course, used it for two weeks straight and saw impressive results. I took a look at her bare nails and saw the diff!

So I’ve been using Locycare on-and-off for about three weeks now and the healthy-pinkish tinge has returned. It still lacks moisture because I’m not using it as prescribed, but I’m happy to report that I don’t see the flakes peeling off anymore (phew!). If you’re like Agoo and are disciplined enough to do this twice a day for two weeks, then I’m sure the results you’ll get will be even better.

As for the price? Nails aren’t a huge priority for some, so it can be a little steep at P600 for a small tube. I suggest you try convincing your mom, sister, or BFF to split the cost with you. But it’s really worth it if you want to get rid of brittle, yellow nails quickly!

What do you think of this nail gel? Yay or nay? ♥

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