Sad Beauty News

Say it isn’t so…

Que horror!

Que horror!

I saw this while I was researching about anti-aging tricks online and wish I could un-see it! Haha! I have a feeling this has more to do with processed sugar and that dark chocolate might actually be okay—but where’s the fun in that?? Boo! Until I verify this little factoid with my derma contacts, I’m gonna have to think twice before ordering dessert and will just drink more water whenever I crave for something sweet. Sigh.

Do you think this beauty tidbit is true? And would you stop having chocolate if ever? Leave a comment and let me know! ♥

  • Even if it is true, it won’t stop me from eating chocolates :) Haha
    Thank you for the info ♥

    • Haha! I think my goal will be to lessen nlang, because I don’t want to stop either. Thanks for taking time to comment, Hazel Ann!

  • Chocolates are still worth it.