Sparkle Bites: Heatwave Shoes

Okay, the blog is officially branching out! As you all know, I started a section called Sparkle Bites where I plan on featuring more lifestyle, travel, fashion, and food finds. I think it’s fun to talk about other things every now and then, right?

It’s for Heatwave! This is what I saw when I entered. For a beauty girl, it was intimidating. Hehe!

Thank my lucky stars that my first event was for shoes, so it was fun to check out the new styles. The last time I did any major shoe shopping was years ago (yes, really), so I desperately needed to hunt for new heels.

Choices, choices! During the launch, we got to pick any pair we wanted. I had no idea what to get.

I bumped into one of my Titas (Aunts) at the event and she immediately shrieked, “The heels are so comfortable! I’ve been wearing them all day!” That piqued my curiosity, but really, it was hard to believe. Heels + comfort are two words that are rarely paired.

But you know what? I think my Tita was right! They’re comfy—and the designs are sexy!

LOL, but my Tita was right. They are super comfy, but you really have to try the heels on to believe it. But trust me—when you slip the heels on, your feet will know the difference. They just fit better and feel softer around the skin. Like a nice shoe hug.

Took a snap of me and Erin of Candy. We couldn’t decide which pair to get!

I really liked the blue because it was different and I wanted a nice pop of color for my outfits. But the leopard—it seemed like a daring and fun pick, too. Erin was trying to convince me to go for the leopard, and since she’s a fashion editor, she was really making sense. She even Googled outfit pegs just to prove her point!

As much as I wanted the leopard, I was kinda iffy about whether I could pull them off. They just seemed so “roar” to me. You know what I mean? It might be kinda…tacky. I wore ballet flats that were leopard before and loved them, but I wasn’t too sure if I could pull this print off anymore—especially in heels.

Guys. I got both of them! Haha, I didn’t realize that there was a dangerous side to attending fashion events—I’ll end up spending!

Curious to see which pair I got? I think you know what I’m leaning towards, but keep reading—you’re in for a surprise!

I went with the blue ones! What do you think?

I wore them during the talk I gave in Davao for Browhaus for the first time. I find the shape of the shoe very flattering on your feet and it’s a great way to add some oomph to your look.

Professional, polished, and stylish pumps. Now the question is, are they comfy?

Hmm, not at first. I had to break them in for a day, but after that, I was good to go! The heel height was good, but it did hurt by the bunion area. So if your feet are wide, you may want to go for strappies instead. Oh, and guys…

Professional, polished, and stylish pumps. Now the question is, are they comfy?

Gosh, fashion events are dangerous—you’ll end up spending! Haha! They’re worth it though. These are super comfy (no breaking in needed, surprisingly) and I wear them the most. I like how they force me to think of different ways to put my outfits together, just so I can wear them. So lesson learned: It’s good to invest in pieces that aren’t your usual style!

My first time to wear denim on denim on…leopard!

I actually wore these shoes from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. I walked around the mall, went to three events, hopped into lots of Ubers—and all without suffering. So happy I can finally wear heels more now! They really make me feel more confident and put-together!

Looksie! I was also featured in the Philippine Star for the event. Hehe, is that a sign that I should do more #OOTDs and fashion stuff? Haha!

Were you able to spot me? I’m the girl in the white dress! Haha!

Here’s a closer look with Myrza (my former editor from Cosmo) and beauty blogger, Angela. It was a crazy event day—that’s why you probably saw this dress here and here. They all happened on the same day!

I really can’t wait for the store to open sometime this November at The Block SM North. I want to check out more styles because I don’t have to kill my feet anymore to make myself a few inches taller (I’m tiny at 5’2″). If it’s too far for you though, Heatwave will also be available via Hehe, yay for online shopping!

What about you? Are a heels kinda girl or do you prefer flats? Tell me, tell me! ♥

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