Sunday Sparkle

How are your decision-making skills? Mine were put to the test recently. I was so torn! Even though I knew it was time for me to let a certain something (not someone, lol) go, I just couldn’t bring myself to actually do it. I kept trying to convince myself to stay, that things might get better, or that maybe I just needed a break…but I knew it was time. Truth be told, the little voice inside of me had already been whispering it to me for months.

Is your mind going around in circles? Try doing this. Image via Instagram @mystifymenow.

Is your mind going around in circles? Try doing this. Image via Instagram @mystifymenow.

Whenever I’m confused or kinda just don’t want to deal with something, I pay attention to my body. It usually tells me how I really feel about the situation or person. How do I do it? I quiet down and play out each scenario in my head to see how my body reacts—it never lies. For example, when I thought of going with Decision A, my body felt heavy, tight, and tense. When I thought about going with Decision B, I felt a little sad—but more relaxed and centered. This technique gives me the extra reassurance I need to feel more confident about the choices I’m making for myself.

Now here’s the good news: After I bit the bullet and listened to what my body was trying to tell me, I went from feeling torn and confused to happy and free. The best part is, I think everyone who was in the situation with me became happier and more relaxed also. It’s always a win-win when you trust your intuition!

Do you have a hard time making decisions? What do you do to make it easier? ♥