Sparkle TV: Easy Holiday Smokey Eye

I love a good smokey eye, but sometimes, it just takes waaaaay too much time. And because there are so many holiday parties around the corner, I’ve been using this technique to do my eye makeup in a jiffy. The best part? No makeup brushes required! I only use my fingers.

The main reason I like this look is because it’s a subtle take on the smokey eye (so it doesn’t look like you put in too much effort) and it’s super easy to do. If I’m at work or have to go out for dinner or drinks in the evening, I can just use my digits to add a little sexy to my look (all the products I used are tote-friendly). You can customize this routine in many ways, too! The powder eyeshadow can get a little tricky, so you can just smudge your black eyeliner with a Q-tip instead. And of course, you can also do away with the falsies if you’re not ready for that yet.

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  • Yay! Thanks, Jhake!! And wow, I think that’s the first time someone’s complimented my voice :) I’m kilig!

    • Jhake o.

      I’ll be hearing more of that pretty voice now that i’m already subscribed to your channel.