Sparkle TV: How To Wear Dark Lips (Ombré Style)

When darker lipstick started trending, I wasn’t too confident about rocking it. I was scared I’d look too emo or just that it wouldn’t suit me. Eventually though, I gave it a try and learned a little beauty trick to make it more my style.

Dalal says that soft eye makeup that you can mix with a bold, berry lip is the look of the season—just like what the models are wearing.

Dalal Mansour, MAC Australia’s resident trainer, taught me what to do! Click here to read all about it.

Still feeling iffy about trying this vampy lip look? I actually figured out another trick that’s like “training wheels” for those who are still scared to experiment. Watch it here:

I like how the subtle ombré effect adds a little more glam via the darker lip line and the lighter, glossier colors throw in a brighter (and sexier) vibe. Gosh, I just really love this look and I can wait to wear it to all the holiday parties I’ll be hitting soon!

Have you ever tried wearing ombré or darker colored lips? Tag me if you try the tutorial and make sure you subscribe here for more videos! ♥