Sparkle TV: My 3-Minute Makeup Challenge

OMG. Just watch. Don’t judge. HAHAHA!

I was trying to be super chill and not stress out while I was doing it. So maybe that’s why I was super slow? And gosh, my makeup could hardly be seen! Sheesh! I really think have to do this challenge again. I need to be able to do this faster and better! (Yes, I’m competitive with myself—LOL!).

Btw, if you guys want to know which products I used, just click on the description box to check them out. The foundation is one of my faves! Oh, and don’t forget to send me some sparkly love by giving me a thumbs-up and subscribing to my sparkly channel (click here to do it).

How long does it take you to do your makeup? Can you do your whole face in just three minutes?? ♥

  • anne0822

    definitely not 3 minutes for the whole face! that’s only for my kilay! haha. 15 minutes, maybe? :)

    • LOL! I know, right? I’m so OC though—I really want to see if I can do my whole face (and be happy with the results) in 3 minutes.