Sparkle TV: My First Empties Video

It took me a looooong time to gather these products! Obviously, they are my favorites and I can’t live in a perfect beauty world without them! Watch and see what they are, because these babies definitely worth your moolah ;)


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  • My empties are my Faceshop’s Designing Eyebrow pencil, L’oreal BB Matte Veil, Etude House Cotton Fit BB cream, Bifesta Makeup Remover, Clinique Clarifying Lotion in No. 3, Carmex lip balm. Wooh. I actually wanna try a new foundation (liquid and powder) and moisturizer but I don’t know what to get. There’s just so much options out there and I don’t know what to get. I don’t want to buy something that won’t work for me. Sayang po kasi yung perang pinaghirapan ko. :) Any recommendations? I’m have oily skin, btw, and I get occassional breakouts! Thanks in advance, Ms. Nicole! :)