Stinky Feet Solutions

I get cranky when my feet (and shoes) get wet in the rain—especially if I’m en route to a meeting. I don’t like that sticky, damp feeling and my mind goes nuts thinking about all the bacteria trying to make their way into my skin. #germaphobe

I usually opt for boots, but I'm digging the whole sneaker thing recently to keep my tootsie protected.

I usually opt for boots, but I’m digging the whole sneaker thing recently to keep my tootsies protected on casual days.

The challenge with wearing closed shoes (sexy pumps included!) is to make sure that your feet don’t get stinky. Ever since I heard a guy friend complain about his ex-girl’s feet (he dreaded the moment she’d take off her shoes in the car), I’ve been more conscious of this since you can’t always wear socks with certain styles.

Here’s what I do:

1. Do a weekly foot soak. 
I fill a basin with warm water (until it covers my ankles) and add about half a cup of Epsom Salt. Once the salts dissolve, I soak my feet for about 20 minutes. Don’t forget to apply your fave lotion after!

2. Sprinkle some baby powder.
I don’t like the smell of foot powders, so I just dust my feet and shoes with a light coat of regular baby powder before slipping them on. It helps absorb the sweat!

3. Invest in a good spray.
This I haven’t done yet, but I do want to buy the Messy Bessy Yoga Love All-Around Spray, P350. It’s anti-bacterial, free from heavy toxins, and you can use it to deodorize and sanitize anything—your shoes, hands yoga mat, and towels.

With these three tips, I think I’m good to go. I’m really excited to start misting and sanitizing my shoes with that spray, but I don’t want to wait a week for shipping. Who knows where I can find Messy Bessy around the metro?

If stinky feet a problem for you, share your tips below! ♥