Sunday Sparkle

I’ve had my struggles with letting myself be seen. It always felt safer to be just outside someone else’s shadow—like a little girl peeking out from behind her mother’s skirt. But life and my 30s hit me soon enough, and it’s been the best gift I’ve ever received. When you’re stripped raw, you’re forced to take a good, hard look at yourself. And then you rebuild. You get to pick and keep the traits you like, develop the qualities you’ve always wanted, and banish fears that were probably never yours to begin with. You get to know yourself, and if you dig deep, you’ll learn to love the company you keep.



I encourage you to find the strength to be who you really are. Allow yourself to be seen. I know it can be scary—especially when people try to find ways to tear you down when you no longer fit their mold. But choose to speak your mind, anyway. Celebrate your style, allow your eyes to sparkle at the thought of your deepest desires, and stand by what you believe is right for you. That’s what makes you gorgeous. That’s what makes you unforgettable. And that’s what makes you precious to me. ♥

  • And that’s why YOU are precious to me, too! Let’s hang out! I can either visit you or let’s go to Nikki’s!!!

    • Aww :) Thanks, F :) I’m super free next week! Let’s go to Nikki’s. I’ll send a message on FB.