Sunday Sparkle

If you’re following me on Instagram, then you know that I went “Pope Hunting” with my family over the weekend.

Waited on Roxas Boulevard, one of the biggest roads in the country, for about 2 hours. My cutie godson was such a trooper—no tantrums at all!

Waited along Roxas Boulevard, which was part of the Papal route, for about 2 hours. My cutie godson was with me and he’s such a trooper—no tantrums at all!

Whether you’re a Catholic or not, there’s no denying that Pope Francis is a huge inspiration. I really love how he’s so warm and generous with his affection. He’s uplifted many hearts and opened many minds (mine included!) just by how kind, compassionate, and practical he is. And did I mention he has a fab sense of humor? Just take a look at this video—you really never know what to expect from him!

Too cute, right? From his 2015 visit to our country, I am reminded of two very important things: the need to dream and the need to pray. I’ve been very reluctant to do these two things because I don’t want to be disappointed, and well, it’s a bit scary to put your faith in things that are so abstract. Isn’t it?

Ooh, that's a big one!

Ooh, that’s a big one!

I was so moved by Pope Francis’ homily in Tacloban that I started looking for transcripts of his past speeches online. I somehow found my way to a dialogue he had with different organizations during Pentecost 2013 and grace-fully read the words I needed to keep my heart open.

What a blessing it was to see Pope Francis! Even if it was just a few seconds, I truly felt so many graces come down on me and my family already.

All this from seeing the Holy Father for just a few seconds! You’re working miracles, Pope Francis—and I’m grateful that I just may be one of them!

And although I am still wary and remnants of fear remain, I am starting to feel a crack in the armor that I’ve carefully placed over my heart. Am I being moved by the Spirit? Perhaps. And it feels wonderful…so wonderful to begin to take a step closer to trusting in something greater than myself again.

Have you been inspired by Pope Francis, too? Leave a comment and let me know! I’m totally fangirling! ♥

  • Tara Cabullo

    Yes :) Not a Catholic but this Pope. Even his arrival has caused miracles in my life. Was that A (the baby?) he’s so big na! CUTIE!

    • Happy to hear that, Tara! And yes, that’s him! He’s a smart cookie ;)

  • tet

    #TeamBahay all these time. It was sad I didn’t get the chance to see Pope because of work. Why does it have to be only M.Manila who’s on holiday? Sigh!

    • Aww, sayang! But I hope you got to catch the highlights on TV :)