Sunday Sparkle

I always look forward to writing my Sunday Sparkle posts, because it gives a chance to share my reflections and connect with my readers on a more personal level. But writing them also scares the bejeezus out of me! It’s really when I let my guard down and allow myself to be a more vulnerable. Case in point:

This week in Nicole's life...

This week, in Nicole’s life…

I’ve been renovating my room over the past month, so I keep having to make so many big and little decisions. What color should the floors be? The walls? What couch design do I want? Is this the best faucet for my sink? Oh my gosh. The list goes on and on. I’m actually enjoying the process, but I was surprised about how much thinking I had to do before I could actually “commit” to my design picks.

Here's a peek at the current state of my room! No floors yet + mocking up the layout of my desk here.

A peek at the current state of my room! No floors yet + mocking up the layout of my desk here.

I was getting all worked up and wasting so much energy, because I had to make sure that I was choosing the best options. I was consulting with way too many people about what they thought without making an actual decision. While scouting for furniture finds with my designer, Melissa, she said something that made me stop in my tracks. “The thing is, you know what you want,” she shrugged. “You just need to trust yourself.” 

Oh yes. May be I should get this print from Etsy (but have them add a comma, hehe).

Oh yes. Maybe I should get this print from Etsy as a reminder (but will have them add a comma, hehe).

Even though I was dealing with decorating issues here, it was giving me major insights about how I was going through life. Basically, I was maneuvering myself in a way that would make me feel as safe (and in control!) as possible. Not a bad thing, but it did show me that I had to start going for the things I really want without question. There’s no point going over every possible scenario in my head anymore! It’s way too exhausting.

So true!


So here I am…continuing to learn how to trust that even if things do (or don’t) work out as planned, I’ll be more than okay. A friend once told me that it’s the moment before you decide to jump that’s the hardest. Sometimes—whether you’re deciding over little things like what lipstick to wear or talking to your boss about a much-deserved raise—you just have to take action. There are no guarantees that you’ll get what you want, but there is a guarantee that you’ll be a lot closer to it.

What do you say? Will you consider taking a few risks with me this week? ♥

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