Sunday Sparkle

Have you heard of relationship expert Regena Thomashauer (a.k.a. Mama Gena)? I subscribe to her newsletter because I find her take on life so interesting. She’s all about the art of p-l-e-a-s-u-r-e and owning up to who you are as a woman—sans shame!

Why not?

It’s time to stop looking for flaws whenever you glance at a mirror.

When I read that quote, my initial reaction was to shy away from it. I mean, I couldn’t possibly think that…right? It’s too conceited or too self-centered or too…well, just too much! But then I realized, so what?! There’s nothing wrong with seeing your own beauty through your own eyes. In fact, it’s an absolute must! ♥

  • anne0822

    Agree! I realize when I’m trying to be “humble” by thinking of myself as pretty or prettiest, my self esteem lowers, so now I’m like, “maganda ko! deadma sa iba!”

  • anne0822

    oh wait, correction – being humble by not thinking of myself as pretty or the prettiest..