Sunday Sparkle

I was just on Instagram and I saw my friend post a quote from Socrates that said, “Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” It’s funny because even though this was said ages ago, its wisdom is still applicable in the modern age.

And that's why this is the current motto that's fueling my life.

And that’s why this is the current motto that’s fueling my life.

I have to admit that work took up maybe 80 percent of my time, but now, I’m totally enjoying the process of bringing that percentage down. My rule now is that if something excites me, then I do it. If it doesn’t, then I pass. And really, it’s so much fun and I’ve been having so many random adventures because of it.

What are you doing to manage your work-life balance? Share your tips with me—I could use the help! ♥