Sunday Sparkle

Are you a worry wart? I am! I tend to overthink things and be very paranoid about stuff that I really shouldn’t waste energy on. A few examples?

  • Did I lock my car? Should I go back? What if someone steals it?
  • Their or they’re? I’m pretty sure I typed the right one. Let me check to be sure.
  • Ooh, client wants to meet. I wonder why…(thinks about a million possible scenarios)

Yeah, so that’s just the basic stuff that goes on in my head. Ugh, and I’m tired of it. So I looked for a cool mantra that I can get on board with and found this! 


Yes! Time to trust that everything always works out for the best.

So even if I did forget to lock my car, it’ll be okay (that’s what my insurance is for!). Even if I made a typo, it’s okay (that’s what revisions are for). And yes, even when my client wants to meet, it’ll be okay (because my work speaks for itself and I never do things half-a$$ed).

I’ve just been putting so much pressure on myself, you know? I also think we need to give ourselves a break. Women don’t have to do it all just because we can. There is an art to doing nothing—and I think I’d like to master that.

Have you been stressing out too much lately also? What are you doing to help yourself relax more? ♥