Why BB Creams Make You Breakout

I finally got an answer! Remember when I told you about how BB creams gave me cystic acne? Now I know why!

Interviewing Dr. Jennie De Jesus, associate dermatologist at the Aivee Clinic at Mega Fashion Hall.

As a beauty journalist, I always start as skeptic (which probably explains my serious face) and research about the real reason behind beauty dilemmas. So I interviewed Dr. Jennie De Jesus, associate dermatologist of the Aivee Clinic, about BB creams.

I had been using BB creams for years, which is why it took me so long to figure out that this was the trigger. All I know is that once I stopped using my beloved BB creams, my breakouts went away (more details here). BUT WHY??? I desperately needed a medical explanation for this, so I was thrilled when Dr. Jennie had an answer.

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