Sparkle TV: Do Korean Face Masks Really Work? The Proof Here!

I always wondered if Korean masks really worked. Sure, I could usually see the post-mask glow on my skin…but maybe this is just a superficial sheen. So I grabbed my MiLi pure gadget (it measures your skin’s hydration levels) and put my fave Korean mask to the test! Would it really hydrate my skin from deep within? Watch and find out!

So yay! I hope you watched it, because spoiler, KOREAN MASKS WORK! They do boost your skin’s moisture levels quickly (I saw a 4.8% increase) when I used this mask from Leaders InSolution. Of course, not all masks are the same. If you have a fave mask that you want to put to the test, leave a comment and let me know! I’ll test it out with my handy-dandy MiLi Pure gadget!

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5 Contouring & Highlighting Tips For The Makeup Newbie

Thanks to the Kardashians, contouring has become a huge trend in the makeup world. It always looks so simple and easy when you watch the Insta videos, but it another story when you have to start shading and strobing all by yourself.



It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re first starting out, but don’t worry. With a little patience, practice and a loooot of blending, I promise that you’ll be able to do it like a pro soon enough. In the meantime, check out some of the highlighting & contouring tricks that I’ve learned along the way. These little tricks really made my makeup life a lot easier!

Tip #1: Cream Formulas Are Best For Contouring Newbies.
This is because they’re easy to blend and you can always use your sponge to erase any mistakes. When shopping, go for a color that’s one to two shades darker than your regular foundation. This will help the shadows look more natural and wearable if you’re at work or on a date.

Been using the Sleek Cream Contour Kit in Medium lately and I love how easy it is to blend!

Been using the Sleek MakeUP Cream Contour Kit in Medium lately and I love how easy it is to blend!

The different shades allowed me to play around with stronger contours for events. I was also able to use the lighter shades as a concealer—yay for multi-tasking products!

The different shades allowed me to play around with stronger contours for events. I was also able to use the lighter shades as a concealer—yay for multi-tasking products!

Tip #2: Have Oily Skin? Opt For Powder Formulas.
This is especially true when it comes to your highlighter since the goal is to look dewy—not greasy. Because powders can absorb excess oil, this formula will last longer on your skin and it can even help control excess shine. The only challenge? Powders are harder to blend, but you can make life easier for you by investing in the right brushes (I prefer an angled brush for contouring and a mini fan brush for highlighting).  Continue reading

How Micellar Water Saved My Skin (Dry Skin Fixes-Part 1)

I’ve been chasing after my skin’s lit-from-within glow for a while now, so I thought I’d do a beauty series about how I got my complexion back on track. I’ve had oily-combination skin all my life, so when my skin type changed to dry and sensitive, it took me a loooong time before I figured out which skincare combos to use.

My bare skin now and a little brow. Finally feeling like my glow is starting to come back!

My bare skin—saved with the help of micellar water—and a little brow. It’s still kinda dry, but you can see what it looked like last month here—red, dull, and kinda splotchy.

So my first plan of attack was to save my dry skin was to switch to a non-foaming facial wash. The only problem? Creamy cleansers make me feel like I’m not getting a good-enough clean. Could be my imagination, but sometimes, I feel like there’s still dirt and bacteria mixed with the residue I feel after I rinse or wipe it off.

That's why I was so happy I found this in my stash! It's La Mer The Cleansing Micellar Water, P>>>.

That’s why I was so happy I found this in my stash! It’s the La Mer The Cleansing Micellar Water.

I know, I know. You’re probably wondering what the heck micellar water is…and what’s it really supposed to do anyway? *cracks knuckles* Well, let me tell you! Continue reading

Why Your Moisturizer (Probably) Isn’t Working

Ever felt like all the creams you slather on are, well, just sitting on top of your face? Like when you wash your face the next morning, you can still kinda feel the residue on your skin?

Then you might need this! Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Nourishing Facial Water, P1,250.

Then you might need this! Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Nourishing Facial Water, P1,250.

It’s an additional step in your regimen (you use it after you tone and/or before your moisturize), but it helps your skin in three important ways:

  • It balances the pH level of your skin. This is important because facial washes tend to make your skin acidic, so this can help keep acne and dryness away.
  • It preps your skin for hydration. The technology allows the creams you apply to penetrate beneath the surface.
  • It locks moisture in. The top layer of your skin has a hydro-lipid barrier, which traps the moisture underneath. The facial water helps keep this layer is healthy even if you’re stressed, hormonal, or abusing your skin with harsh cleansers.

I’ve been using it for a few days now and I’m amazed by how soft my skin feels immediately after applying the moisturizer. Seriously, guys. I know this may seem like another product that you don’t think you need, but give it a try before you make any decisions. My suggestion: head to the Burt’s Bees counter (store locations here), swipe a few drops over your right hand, and apply moisturizer on top. Then on your left hand, just apply the moisturizer and observe. You’ll notice that your skin will feel softer and more comfortable.

Think you’ll add this to your skin routine? Leave a comment and let me know! ♥

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Review: Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè

When I found out my Mom was going to Europe, it gave me an excuse to ask her to buy me something fabulous from the local French pharmacy.

The Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè. It's a French skincare brand that I first heard about from Goop.

The Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè. It’s a French skincare brand that’s been a staple in their pharmacies since the 1950s. I first heard about it from Goop and have been dying to try it ever since.

I was still hesitant to try it, since I was worried it might be too thick for our climate. Since it’s crazy hot in Manila right now, I was concerned that it might end up doing harm on my sensitive skin. But when I saw how glowing and radiant my Mom’s skin was getting with each day (she also bought a tube for herself), I caved and gave it a try.


Here’s what it looks like up close. It’s very easy to squeeze (like your toothpaste), so maintaining the shape whenever I use it is kinda making me OC. Haha, I’m so weird ;)

After popping the seal with the tip of the cap, I squeezed a teensy bit out to check out the texture first. I noticed that it was very rich and a little on the thick side, but it melted into my hand right away—like butter. Since I’m very paranoid about breakouts, I just applied two tiny dots over the dry patches of my cheeks. I wanted to see how my skin would react to it first.  Continue reading