Is Your U-Zone Breaking Out?

When I hit 30, I noticed that my skin started changing and I was breaking out a little more around my jawline and cheeks. I thought it was because of my hair, or possibly, because I had a habit of resting my chin on my hand.

Move over, T-Zone! There's something new to obsess about!

Move over, T-Zone! There’s something new to obsess about! Introducing the U-Zone—that’s the area around your cheeks, jawline, and chin.

To help clear up this area, I wore my hair in a ponytail for weeks, made sure my hands stayed away from my face, scrapped all my skincare temporarily, and just used zit zappers spiked with salicylic acid. And guess what? NOTHING WORKED. After more research though, I found an interesting solution. At first I thought it was impossible, but it worked—and it’s surprisingly simple and logical.

If you’re dealing with breakouts along your U-Zone, keep reading! You’ll need this skin tip! Continue reading

My Dry Skin Fix

I’ve mentioned before that I’m pretty lazy about applying lotion. But now that the weather is getting colder, I can’t get away with skipping this beauty step anymore.

Physiogel Lotion, P365, is hypoallergenic and contains no colorants or preservatives. It's a must for those with sensitive skin.

Physiogel Lotion, P365, is hypoallergenic and contains no colorants or preservatives. It’s a must for those with sensitive skin.

I’ve always been a fan of Physiogel products (more here) and this lotion doesn’t disappoint. It’s light, it’s absorbed quickly, and it works. My skin immediately feels cool, refreshed, and hydrated upon application. After a few minutes, there’s no sticky residue either.

It's really quite soothing! I think the natural lipids in this lotion really help you feel more comfy in your skin.

It’s really quite soothing! I think the natural lipids in this lotion really help you feel more free in your skin.

Another bonus is that it’s fragrance-free. So I actually make my own scented lotion by mixing a few drops of my perfume with it. Will definitely keep using this and work on making this a part of my daily beauty routine.

Are you a fan of Physiogel? And more importantly, are you lazy to apply lotion like me? Tell me I’m not alone in this! ♥

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Physiogel Available at leading drugstores nationwide. Visit their Facebook page here.

Tried & Tested: Physiogel Cream

Beauty confession time! Because I’ve been wearing pants and blazers for the past few weeks, I’ve kinda been skipping my body lotion. Yup, haven’t moisturized my limbs in weeks. It’s the one thing I’m super lazy about.

You can get this at Watsons or any drugstore around the metro. Will update with the SRP within the day!

This, surprisingly, turned out to be my skin hero!

Luckily, I packed my Physiogel Cream over the weekend (went out-of-town with the fambam). I first bought this because my derma recommended that I use it as a moisturizer for my face when I was breaking out. It delivered and I didn’t have any reactions, but the plastic scent and thickness of the formula made me shelf it.


It’s a heavy-duty moisturizer that’s excellent for parched skin.

During my trip, I realized that I could use the Physiogel Cream as body lotion instead and OMG. It’s freaking amazing! I woke up to softer, smoother skin—totally healed the icky chicken bumps I got on my arms from skipping lotion. And of course, I kept making my sister touch my arms to show how smooth they suddenly became overnight! She wasn’t too pleased with that. Haha!

Anyway, here’s why I think it’s a worthy buy:

  • The formula is great for the colder weather we’ve been having and the potent hydration it gives will be a nice way to prep your skin for summer.
  • If you use it on your body, you can make the unscented formula work for you! Just mix a bit of your perfume with the cream and you, my dear, have just made yourself a scented body lotion. This trick can help your fragrance last longer, too (more tips on how to do that here).
  • Über touchable skin overnight! I loved the noticeable results I got, so I now have more motivation to use lotion.

Does your lotion give you uh-mazing results? What are you using? Tell me, tell me! ♥

3 Cold Weather Skin Tweaks


It’s the most wonderful time of the year for hot cocoa. But for your skin? Maybe not so much if you’re sensitive to colder temps.

The weather is beginning to get chilly, and by the time January hits, I’m assuming it’ll become even colder (yay–Baguio weather in Manila!). Because my skin is starting to feel the effects of the temp changes already, I made these tiny tweaks to my usual skin routine to help banish dry patches and that uncomfy, tight feeling post-wash. If your skin is also beginning to feel itchy, turn red, or become flaky, here are my tried-and-tested tricks to giving your complexion a moisture boost:

Tweak 1: Ditch The Foaming Wash.
These kinds of sudsers are excellent at stripping away excess oil from your skin. But because the weather isn’t making your skin extra greasy anymore, the natural oils that you need might be getting stripped away, too. Switch to a non-foaming facial wash to prevent tightness and redness.


My Pick: Physiogel Cleanser, P85. You can use it with or without water and it gets rid of dirt without leaving your skin tight or dry.

Tweak 2: Ditch The Facial Scrubs.
Whoa, whoa. I’m not telling you to stop exfoliating. In fact, you may need to do this at least twice a week to get rid of dry patches and the pore-clogging dirt leftover from all the party makeup you’ve been putting on. What I’m suggesting is that you switch from micro-beaded scrubs to a water-based slougher. It won’t feel as rough or abrasive and it won’t cause micro-tears on sensitive skin.


My Pick: Cure Natural Aqua Gel, P1,500. It’s made up of 90% hydrogenated water and banishes pore-clogging dead skin cells in a flash. After my first use, I woke up to glowing skin the very next day! Check out my detailed review here.

Tweak 3: Ditch Your Cream Moisturizer.
Instead, use a luxe beauty oil that’s more emollient, easy to absorb, and leaves your skin with a nice, dewy sheen. When applying, there’s no need to go crazy. Just spread three to four drops over the palm of your hands and gently press and massage it over your face and neck.


My Pick: The Souq Organics Moroccan Argan Oil, P1,500. When it comes to Argan oils, this is one of the brands that I trust. It’s hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and packaged to ensure that the oil retains its potency longer.

Is your skin changing because of the colder weather? Post a comment below and tell me all about it! ♥

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Physiogel Available at Watsons and PCX.
Cure Natural Aqua Gel
The Souq Organics

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