Sparkle TV: What’s In My Beach Bag

I’ve been hitting the beach a lot this summer, so I thought I’d show you guys what I pack when I head out. Click on the photo to watch my video on YouTube. You’ll get the scoop on all the skincare, makeup, and hair stuff that I always use!


The funny thing is, I really thought I packed light! LOL, click here to watch and tell me if this is normal!! 

I just shot this spur-of-the-moment video on my iPhone (that’s why the quality is a bit wonky), but I had a lot of fun gabbing about my fave products. If you guys want to see more, do subscribe here and give me a thumbs-up or comment! The more you watch and support my channel, the more videos I can make for you! ♥

Smoky Eye Essentials

It took me a while before I could master this technique (will post a tutorial about this soon). The main reason I had such a difficult time was because I was using the wrong brushes and eyeshadows that packed more powder than pigment. Investing in the right tools will save you lots of time and effort. Find out what my picks are on today’s column for (read it here).

For more details about these eye-enhancing makeup essentials, just click on the image.

Click on the image for more details about these eye-enhancing makeup essentials.