This Just In: Mario Badescu & L’Occitane Skin Loot

I got a special beauty delivery this week and just dove right in! Check them out below:

Mario Badescu Botanical Exfoliating Scrub, P1,650.

Mario Badescu Botanical Exfoliating Scrub, P1,650.

What It Is: A gel-based face scrub that helps get rid of residue, dead skin cells, and excess grime. Its goal is to banish dullness and give you clearer, younger-looking skin via its unique combo of finely ground Ecuadorian ivory palm seeds and nourishing botanicals (like ginger, ginkgo, green tea, aloe and coconut). The best part? It’s suitable for all skin types.

It's light and you can barely see the exfoliating grains because they're super fine.

It’s light and you can barely see the exfoliating grains because they’re super fine.

First Impressions: I always turn to a gentle scrub whenever my face starts to look dull and lifeless. I used this right after my trip to Singapore to help get rid of the sunscreen gunk and I feel like it refreshed my complexion. What I liked the most was how fine the grains were, so I didn’t have to worry about microtears on my skin. As for the scent? Aside from the hint of coconut, you’ll barely notice it. It’s kinda pricey for a scrub, but this is one of the products I invest in because it can make or break your skin.

L'Occitane Shea Face Soothing Fluid. It's 100% natural!

Up next: L’Occitane Shea Face Soothing Fluid. It’s 100% natural!

What It Is: A comforting oil that has two skin-saving ingredients—shea oil (known for its nourishing properties) and marula oil (known for its anti-oxidant properties and fine texture for quick absorption). It’s made for dry and sensitive skin that’s exposed to urban environment, so it’s perfect for city gals who want to give their complexion some TLC.

First Impressions: As far as oils go, this one is pretty light and has a dry finish (you just need to really massage it into your skin). It smells like baby powder and I noticed that it leaves my skin feeling comfortable even though I only used a few drops. It’s recommended that you use this at night to help reverse the damage that occurred throughout the day. If you’re prone to breakouts though, it might be best to avoid this formula.

Want to do more beauty spying? I have two more moisturizers from Mario Badescu and L’Occitane for you to scope after the jump! Continue reading

My Murad Youth Cam Experience

The last time I tried a high-tech skin analyzer was back in 2006 or 2007. It was the scariest thing ever and I vowed not to do it again…until now.

For some reason, I felt brave enough to try the Murad Youth Cam. It was going to check my pore score!

For some reason, I felt brave enough to try the Murad Youth Cam. It was going to check my pore score! P.S. Posted these on Snapchat! Follow me @beautyandsparkl to see what I’m up to each day :p

I was asked what my primary skin concerns were (I said sun damage, discoloration and wrinkles) and the machine scanned my face based on that.

The procedure's quick and painless, but it's kinda stressful because all your skin sins will finally be revealed!

The procedure’s quick and painless, but it’s kinda stressful because all your skin sins will finally be revealed!

I was so nervous and started to panic when I saw the results. I take really good care of my skin (duh!), so getting bad test scores would mean that I’m a failure in the beauty department. And that I would have to take more drastic measures to get my skin back on track. Yikes!

Curious to see my results? Check them out after the jump! Continue reading

How To Avoid Breakouts At The Beach

Whenever I go to the beach, I usually expect a pimple or two to pop up either during the trip or a few days after I get home. Such a hassle! The main reason for my breakouts: Sunscreen!

Wait, wait, wait—it’s not because sunscreen is bad ha. It’s just that the constant reapplying (combined with the sweat and saltwater) was just too much for my pores. To help get rid of the residue, I realized I needed to pack a good exfoliator to get rid of excess film on my face.

My beach musts! I snagged a bottle after trying a sample sachet from BDJBox. I use the bottle when I'm at home and save the sachets for when I travel.

My beach musts! I first tried Cure through the sample sachets in BDJBox and snagged a bottle soon after. Since the bottle is too huge to lug around, I’ve been saving the sachets for when I travel.

Cure Natural Aqua Gel (P1,500) has become one of my beauty staples because it gets rid of dead skin cells and pore-clogging dirt without rough or painful microbeads. When I’m at the beach, I just use this on the second or third night to banish sunscreen residue and apply an intense moisturizer right after. And guess what? Haven’t had an angry pimple since! Of course, you should only use this if you’re not sunburnt or peeling. Otherwise, you risk wreaking more havoc on your skin.

Want a more detailed review? Click here to see what else I wrote about this product on It’s got lots of other uses! It’s also my fellow Beauty Minister’s, Kate Alvarez, secret to whiter armpits! ♥

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