Sparkle TV: My Korean Beauty Haul!

Etude House was the first Korean beauty brand that I fell in love with. I can spend hours just checking out all the innovative (and sometimes, unusual) products they have + their packaging’s always so playful and cute, too! Watch and look at some of the cool and unique beauty finds I got ^.^

What’s your favorite from the haul? I really liked the liquid eyeliner that uses three dots (it’s super fab for makeup newbies) and the foundation sponge (it was super soft!). Btw guys, if you want me to review anything from my haul, make sure you leave a comment on my YouTube channel and subscribe here to show me some sparkly love!

And btw guys, in case you need more motivation to shop! Hehe!

And in case you need more motivation to shop ^o^

All Etude House boutiques nationwide will have a Big Beauty Sale from July 1 to 3, 2016! There’s a special pre-sale happening on June 30 if you’re a pink card holder, so visit their Facebook page for more deets if you plan on shopping.

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Beauty Directory 
Etude House Click here to visit their website and here for store locations.

Makeup Tutorial: Taylor Swift in Shake It Off

Have you guys seen Taylor Swift’s new music video, Shake It Off?

I’m a Swiftie all the way and I’m inspired by all-things Taylor from her style to her hair (read about that here). In the video above, I LOVED her beatnik-inspired look that came out at around the 1:44 mark.

I adore the beatnik era and Taylor even more for pulling off the look so perfectly!

So gorgeous! I have to copy this!

If we analyze her look, it seems simple and straightforward enough. But it’s the details that’ll help you pull it off fabulously. Here’s what I did:

Time to play!

Time to play!

Check out the step-by-step makeup action, the products I used, and see if I was able to copy Taylor’s look after the jump! Continue reading