Skincare Options For Your Specific Skin Concerns

Okay, you guys. I have been trying some major skincare products recently and I thought I’d put them all together in one post. I categorized everything according to skin concerns, so it’ll be easier for you to sort through the products based on your current skin need. You ready? Let’s do this!

1. If You Want…Matte Skin
Practically every Pinay I talk to complains about the fact that her skin looks shiny or oily. If you want to control your grease production (or at least curb it while you’re wearing makeup), these goodies from Benefit can help.

That's the Benefit Porefessional Matte Rescue Gel, License To Blot, and Instant Wipeout Masks set.

That’s the Benefit Porefessional Matte Rescue Gel, License To Blot, and Instant Wipeout Masks set.

The Skin Lowdown: The mask is fun to use (watch how here) and it’s a great way to cleanse your pores of unwanted dirt and oil. As for the water-based mattifying gel, I like applying this on my T-zone when I don’t want to wear makeup and just want to look fresh all day sans retouching. Meanwhile, the License to Blot stick is fantastic for touch-ups. It has invisible blotting spheres that zaps shine for up to six hours and the stick is shaped like a diamond, so you can get apply it over the corners of your face easily.

2. If You Want…Smaller Pores
The reason your pores look big is because there’s dirt and oil trapped in there. This means that you need something that’s gonna get in there and do some deep cleaning!

Check out the Algenist Multi-Perfecting Pore Corrector Concentrate if you want tighter pores.

Check out the Algenist Multi-Perfecting Pore Corrector Concentrate if you want tighter pores.

The Skin Lowdown: It has alguronic acid (so it has anti-aging benefits) combined with salicylic acid (to exfoliate and cleanse pores). I usually apply a moisturizer after I use this because it’s not super hydrating, but this lightweight, oil-free serum did help refine and brighten my skin. Full disclosure: my pores aren’t too huge to begin with, so I didn’t see much of a difference. But research results showed that 90% of the 100 women they tested noticed that their pore size minimized within four weeks of use.

3. If You Want To…Control Oil Production.

I started taking new vitamins recently and it made my face (and scalp!) super oily. It was weird, because my skin would feel grimy even after I washed my face. So I added these goodies from Bioderma into my routine to help balance my complexion again.

From left to right, that's the Bioderma Sébium Pore Refiner, Sébium Akn Smoothing Purifying Care, and the Sébium H20 Purifying Cléansing Micelle Solution.

From left to right, that’s the Bioderma Sébium Pore Refiner, Sébium Akn Smoothing Purifying Care, and the Sébium H20 Purifying Cléansing Micelle Solution.

The Skin Lowdown: I wanted to control my skin’s oil production without overdrying it, so I would use the Sébium H20 Purifying Cléansing Micelle Solution after I wash my face. Yup, after! It’s actually more of a makeup remover, but since it’s also a cleansing water, I would swipe it over my skin to get rid of leftover oil (think of it as a substitute for toner). After that, I’d apply the Sébium Akn Smoothing Purifying Care in the morning. It helps prevent your pores from getting clogged, so it served as a barrier between my skin and makeup to help prevent breakouts. Loved this complexion balancing formula because after 2 to 3 weeks, my skin went back to normal!

More skincare recos for anti-aging, pimple-clearing, and dry skin after the jump! P.S. There’s an event invite also for Murad if you want to join us for a fun Makeup Mixology class! Continue reading

3 Common Face Washing Mistakes

One of the most important skincare steps is cleansing. And since washing your face is something you do at least twice a day, I thought I’d share a few of the cleansing boo-boos I’ve committed and why I do my best to avoid them:

1. Using Random Cleansers. Scented, foaming, creamy–I’d always reach for a different facial wash depending on my mood. The results? Imbalanced, confused skin that became more breakout prone. Recently, I’ve only been using Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash, P1,595. It’s made for my specific skin type (normal to oily) and I like that it’s soap- and sulfate-free. Its key ingredients: Glycerin to score moisturize benefits and Calendula Flower Extract, which is a mild oil from the common marigold flower that’s supposed to be great for oily and sensitive skin types.

Here's my current sudser and it's working pretty well so far.

Here’s my current sudser and it’s working pretty well so far. Personally, I like the rich lather it creates and the refreshing, tea-like scent. Thanks for sending over a sample, Kiehl’s Manila!

Clickity-click to discover the other cleansing crimes you may be committing! It’ll change the way you wash your face for the better—promise! Continue reading

3 Cold Weather Skin Tweaks


It’s the most wonderful time of the year for hot cocoa. But for your skin? Maybe not so much if you’re sensitive to colder temps.

The weather is beginning to get chilly, and by the time January hits, I’m assuming it’ll become even colder (yay–Baguio weather in Manila!). Because my skin is starting to feel the effects of the temp changes already, I made these tiny tweaks to my usual skin routine to help banish dry patches and that uncomfy, tight feeling post-wash. If your skin is also beginning to feel itchy, turn red, or become flaky, here are my tried-and-tested tricks to giving your complexion a moisture boost:

Tweak 1: Ditch The Foaming Wash.
These kinds of sudsers are excellent at stripping away excess oil from your skin. But because the weather isn’t making your skin extra greasy anymore, the natural oils that you need might be getting stripped away, too. Switch to a non-foaming facial wash to prevent tightness and redness.


My Pick: Physiogel Cleanser, P85. You can use it with or without water and it gets rid of dirt without leaving your skin tight or dry.

Tweak 2: Ditch The Facial Scrubs.
Whoa, whoa. I’m not telling you to stop exfoliating. In fact, you may need to do this at least twice a week to get rid of dry patches and the pore-clogging dirt leftover from all the party makeup you’ve been putting on. What I’m suggesting is that you switch from micro-beaded scrubs to a water-based slougher. It won’t feel as rough or abrasive and it won’t cause micro-tears on sensitive skin.


My Pick: Cure Natural Aqua Gel, P1,500. It’s made up of 90% hydrogenated water and banishes pore-clogging dead skin cells in a flash. After my first use, I woke up to glowing skin the very next day! Check out my detailed review here.

Tweak 3: Ditch Your Cream Moisturizer.
Instead, use a luxe beauty oil that’s more emollient, easy to absorb, and leaves your skin with a nice, dewy sheen. When applying, there’s no need to go crazy. Just spread three to four drops over the palm of your hands and gently press and massage it over your face and neck.


My Pick: The Souq Organics Moroccan Argan Oil, P1,500. When it comes to Argan oils, this is one of the brands that I trust. It’s hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and packaged to ensure that the oil retains its potency longer.

Is your skin changing because of the colder weather? Post a comment below and tell me all about it! ♥

Beauty Directory:
Physiogel Available at Watsons and PCX.
Cure Natural Aqua Gel
The Souq Organics

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Courtesy of Daphoto/,, Beauty Box Corp, and The Souq Organics.