Sunday Sparkle

I watched After Earth last night and I super loved it. In true M. Night Shyamalan style, there were plenty nerve-racking moments. But once you get past that, the lessons were pretty cool—like this one about fear.

Sometimes, you just really have to stop and think about what story you’re telling yourself. This way, you can move past it (when you’re ready) and have faith that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. And if it doesn’t work out, you ask? Then dig deep, take a knee (you’ll know what this means if you watched the movie), and find a way to put a better spin on that story. ♥

Sunday Sparkle

Remember this little promise I made you guys about posting more regularly? Huhuhu, I’m really trying but work has been so busy! Don’t worry, I’m gonna keep hustling though until I find my rhythm.


Yes to trying! And if you pop in looking for something new to read, just click on the makeup archives and skincare archives. Lots of beauty treasures there waiting for you to discover them!

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