New Fave: Keratin Complex Vanilla Bean Hair Treatment

I was watching this video the other day and I found it super hilarious! Loved the reaction of the guy (at the 0:51 mark) when the girl flipped her hair. He was totally mesmerized!

I’ve worked as the beauty editor for Cosmo Philippines for several years, but I don’t think I’ve (knowingly) tried the hair flip move on a guy—but it would be interesting to see if it works. Before I say “challenge accepted” though, I should make sure my hair smells extra good.

It all started with this Keratin Vanilla Bean Hair Treatment that I got at the Jing Monis Salon.

One way to do that is with the Keratin Complex Vanilla Bean Hair Treatment at the Jing Monis Salon (starts at P1,500). It’s supposed to be great for repairing damage from swimming and helps balance dry scalps.

The treatment really helped soften my strands a lot and it got rid of the tiny, dry flakes on my scalp—but what I couldn’t get over was the delicious vanilla scent! It actually reminded me of another beauty tidbit (also learned from Cosmo) about how most men LOVE the scent of vanilla on women. There’s something yummy about the edible scent that just makes them go weak at the knees (it’s supposedly a natural aphrodisiac).

So, yeah…Challenge accepted! Haha, but only because it’ll be fun to see if there’s some truth to these theories about hair flipping and vanilla fragrances! I agree with what one of the girls said at the end of video—you don’t really need these moves. Just sit there and be cute!

What do you think of these “get-the-guy” hair moves? Think you’ll be trying any of them soon for fun? ♥

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