A Hair Cut Before Chinese New Year Can Bring Good Luck!

A friend of my mentioned this little superstition to me, so I thought it would be a good time to post about my mini makeover with celebrity hairstylist, Jing Monis.

The obligatory before shot!

The obligatory before shot!

At this point, it had been about 7 months since my last hair cut and over a year since my last hair color. OMG, I was ready (but nervous!) for the change.

The regrowth (and my white hair!) is no joke, guys.

The regrowth (and my white hair!) is no joke, guys. Look how black my hair really is!

I usually have a peg for Jing to follow, but this time around, I just let him do his thing. I just told him that I wanted a cut that fell above my shoulders, color that can help camouflage my greys, and highlights that’ll add more depth to my strands.

Mixing, mixing! Let the coloring process begin!

Mixing, mixing! Let the coloring process begin!

Since I don’t like having my hair color retouched too often, Jing gave me a chestnut brown base so the re-growth won’t be too obvious and opted to use a tone down-slash-balayage technique for my highlights.

The waiting game! The whole cut-and-color process took about 4 hours.

The waiting game! The whole cut-and-color process took about 4 hours (I also had a treatment to help reverse some of the chemical damage).

After they were rinsed my hair, I noticed that my highlights were really light. I asked why and they said it was because they used the toning down process to lighten my hair color. Hmm…I think for next time, I will opt the usual foil and balayage painting technique though. I feel like that technique blends more naturally with my strands, but if you’re going for a more blonde effect, then the toning down process will probably be better for you.  Continue reading

I Tried Kim Kardashian’s Hair Treatment

I had an impromptu salon day at Jing Monis Bellevue Alabang with the girls a few days ago and it gave me a chance to try this!

The Olaplex treatment! It's Kim Kardashian's secret to healthy hair.

The Olaplex treatment! It’s Kim Kardashian’s secret to healthy hair.

During her master makeup class last year, Kim revealed that she uses this treatment and even sleeps with it on. It’s apparently the reason she can go from brunette to blonde without worrying about her strands breaking off. So if you want to bleach your hair or even just color it, make sure you use this to prevent damage (more technical deets about it here).

I tried Olaplex No. 1 and No. 2 to repair breakage and prep my hair for color.

I tried Olaplex No. 1 and No. 2 to repair breakage and prep my hair for color.

The No. 3 bottle is suppose to be something you use at home, but I didn’t get to do so. Hmm, I will ask why the next time I visit. My first impressions: my hair became immediately became softer after the treatment and I like that I can use this to prep my strands pre-color. With the amount of styling I do, I really need something like this!

More on Olaplex and check out my new cut (it’s shorter!) after the jump! Continue reading

My Mini Makeover

The last time I had a real hair cut with my hairstylist, Jing Monis, was around late January. At the time, I wanted to experiment with a shorter bob. Check it:


Hanging out with my former editor, Ianne Evangelista, and fashion editor, Rachelle Que. This was after the Philosophy launch a few months ago. Look how black my strands are!

Now I want to grow out my hair. I blame Taylor Swift for this, really.

It reminds me of Karlie Kloss' bob, but I like it on Taylor more. Love how she styles it in so many different ways!

Taylor’s long bob (or lob, as it’s more popularly known) is sooo chic. I super like how she plays around with the way she styles it. The cut actually reminds me of Karlie Kloss’ bob, but I appreciate this look on Taylor much more.

During my appointment with Jing last Monday, I told him I wanted to grow out my hair. He described the look he had in mind for me and…it was Taylor’s cut! Hmm, this cut and I must really be MFEO.


Jing re-shaped my modern bob, so it can grow into a long bob.

Check out the after shot (and my new hair hue!) after the jump! Continue reading