Stop Doing This If You Have Oily Skin!

Women (and men!) keep complaining to me about their oily skin dilemmas—and I don’t blame them! The summer heat has been crazy, so your skin’s really bound to produce more grease this time of year.

To help you control your oily skin sitch a little better, I came up with a quick list of things you should STOP doing. Make sure to take note!

1. Stop overwashing.
It’s a toughie, but washing your face too much can actually make your skin think that it’s too dry. And then it will compensate by producing more oil. Pretty counterproductive, huh? If you really must wash your face more than twice a day, just use a non-foaming cleanser in between to avoid parching your skin.

2. Stop skipping your moisturizer.
Again, this goes back to the whole “your skin thinks it’s dry” issue. During summer, I still moisturize (I’m currently using this), but I only do it at night to keep my complexion balanced. I use a heavier cream since I spend a lot of time in an airconditioned room, but if you want to use something lighter, try a gel formula.

3. Stop ramming blotting sheets on your face.
I recently read that one of the reasons why you breakout during summer is because people press those oil-control sheets onto their face so roughly (I’m guilty of this, too!). Why? When you’re heavy-handed, it can push some of the dirt and oil into your pores as well. So blot shine away gently (like you’re trying to lift off a stain on your shirt) and just reach for an extra sheet if you need it.

Are you guilty of these oily skin no-nos? Sound off below! ♥