I Tried Kim Kardashian’s Hair Treatment

I had an impromptu salon day at Jing Monis Bellevue Alabang with the girls a few days ago and it gave me a chance to try this!

The Olaplex treatment! It's Kim Kardashian's secret to healthy hair.

The Olaplex treatment! It’s Kim Kardashian’s secret to healthy hair.

During her master makeup class last year, Kim revealed that she uses this treatment and even sleeps with it on. It’s apparently the reason she can go from brunette to blonde without worrying about her strands breaking off. So if you want to bleach your hair or even just color it, make sure you use this to prevent damage (more technical deets about it here).

I tried Olaplex No. 1 and No. 2 to repair breakage and prep my hair for color.

I tried Olaplex No. 1 and No. 2 to repair breakage and prep my hair for color.

The No. 3 bottle is suppose to be something you use at home, but I didn’t get to do so. Hmm, I will ask why the next time I visit. My first impressions: my hair became immediately became softer after the treatment and I like that I can use this to prep my strands pre-color. With the amount of styling I do, I really need something like this!

More on Olaplex and check out my new cut (it’s shorter!) after the jump! Continue reading


I’m really a sucker for black and white nails! They really make me feel more confident and chic, so I had to go with this look for my Benefit Beauty Bash!

Of course, I couldn't resist adding a hint of sparkle, too!

And of course, I couldn’t resist adding a hint of sparkle also! P.S. Take a closer look at the stones! I made sure they went from big to small for a little more oomph.

I had my mani done at my fave place, I Do Nails, and it didn’t really take too long to do—just like 15 minutes more than your regular mani. If you want to cop this look, any black and white nail lacquer will do. The only trick is to use a thin brush (try an old eyeliner makeup brush) to outline the cuticle area for the black polish. It’ll make clean-up a lot faster!

What polish color (or colors!) are on your nails? Tell me, tell me! ♥

Beauty Directory
I Do Nails Tuscany at McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, 0917-8388095; 3/F Eastwood Mall, Quezon City, (0917)531-5365 or (02)234-5756. Visit their Facebook page here.

Would You Wear Press-On Acrylic Nails?

Looks like I’m not the only girl who’s addicted to rocking fab nails!


I asked the very sweet Camille Santiago (she’s a fashion stylist and Chalk magazine’s managing editor) if she’d do a little Q&A with me for the blog today—and she agreed! Yay!

The moment I saw her post a TDF mani on IG, I knew I had to blog about it. I really think it’s something you guys might want to try, so read on for the lowdown!

Me: Tell me all about your nails!
Camille: They’re press-on acrylic nails and I got them at the Landmark Department Store. They’re only Php39.75 (about $1), too!

Didn't I tell you her nails were TDF? So cute!

Ugh, so cute! I totally have nail envy right now.

Me: Can you walk me through the process? How did you stick them on?
Camille: Before you apply the artificial nails, you have to try different sizes to find the ones that fit your natural nail shape best. To make sure the glue sticks, you have to file, buff, and clean your nails with alcohol to remove excess oil. Oh, and make sure that your hands and nails are thoroughly dry, too. After that, just apply glue on the fake nail and gently press it over your actual nail for about 10 seconds.

Me: What are some of the pros and cons of using glue-on nails?
Camille: For the pros, they’re convenient, reusable, and not to mention cheap. They’re also long-lasting and perfect for #NOTDs! For the cons, some of the fake nails don’t fit the shape of my real nails well, so I had to cut and file them to adjust. Press-on acrylic nails can also damage your nail bed and make them brittle, since there’s little room for your natural nails to breathe.

Another pro: flawless looking designs and no chipping! Just make sure you remove them properly or you might damage your nails. 

Another pro: flawless looking designs and no chipping!

Keep reading, guys! Camille teaches us how to remove them properly to lessen damage and shares her final verdict on whether press-on acrylics are worth it or not. Continue reading

Sunday Sparkle

I’m really bummed (and sorry!) that I haven’t been able to post a lot this week. Aside from the fact that most of my products are in boxes (read why here and here), this little guy has been keeping me busy.

I've been babysitting round-the-clock while my sister is away!

I’ve been babysitting round-the-clock while my sister and her hubby are away!

I’ve been taking him to school, putting him to sleep, trying to get him down for naps—and all while working. Seriously, I don’t know how moms do it. Everyone in my family is pitching in to help also, but between that and moving, I haven’t had time to sit in front of the computer. Haha, I enjoy giving him my undivided attention too much.

Here's how I get him to nap. Hahaha, don't tell his  mom! I don't think she'll approve of my sleep mask. LOL!

Here’s how I get him to nap. Hahaha, don’t tell his mom! ;)

So while he’s asleep in the afternoon, I do work stuff or try to move into my room. More progress has been made and I finally had my first night in the fabulous “Sparkle Suite” (yes, I’m calling it that, haha!). After not being able to sleep in my own bed for over a month, it felt really good to have a whole night to myself.

Well somebody's happy! Haha, I finally have my own space again.

Well somebody’s happy! Double yay for having my own space again!

After my first night, I realized that I have to start unpacking. Workers have been going in and out of my room to fix a few things, but if I’m really going to be honest, I’ve been procrastinating. There’s just so much to unload—especially when it comes to beauty products!

A peek at all the get-pretty loot I had to sort through after the jump! Continue reading