Sunday Sparkle

Have you guys seen La La Land? I wouldn’t exactly call it my favorite movie (I prefer happy endings), but the story’s so good that I can’t stop thinking about it! Disclaimer: If you don’t want spoilers, stop reading!

The whole Sebastian/Ryan Gosling and Mia/Emma Stone romance is what keeps the story nice and juicy, but if you look deeper, I’d say the plot is really more about the triumphs and failures that come with following your passion. What I found interesting is how the lead characters approached what they’re passionate about. Sebastian had the confidence and ego of a “serious” musician—and he refused to compromise without a fight. Why? Probably because he knows his art, he’s excellent at what he does, and he knows it. As for Mia, she flounders. She visibly struggles with the highs, lows, and insecurities that come with being an aspiring actress.

So the big question I want to ask you is this: Which character do you find more admirable? Is it the guy who’s unapologetically great at what he does and doesn’t compromise his art? Or the girl who chooses to lay her heart on the line with each audition? For me, it’s Mia’s continuous vulnerability that impressed me. I may not be an aspiring actress, but I know what it feels like to keep putting yourself out there over and over again. Like her, I’ve been hurt, rejected, and have wondered if I’m good enough. Like her, there were times when I would have to give up on something (or someone). And like her, despite the many heartbreaks, I still continue to hope. In myself. In someone else. In just winning at life. Continue reading

Sunday Sparkle

Whenever I feel “stuck” or afraid to do something new, I always find this very inspiring…

Creative work for me—like writing, directing shoots, and even putting up my own beauty blog—always instills a little fear. Lots of questions pop into my mind before I venture forth, like: Is it going to be good enough? How is this going to be helpful? Do I really want to do this? Am I ready to make myself vulnerable in this way?

When it comes to this blog, there are things that I shy away from—like product reviews (because journalists are trained to be impartial) and taking my own photos (because like Ira Glass says in the video, I don’t feel like my work is quite there yet). To be honest, I could probably think of more cringe-inducing reasons to stop myself from posting reviews and photos—but I won’t. It’s time for me to challenge myself and start exploring where my new beauty adventures can take me.


Because of this, I’ve decided to give myself a blogging challenge: I’m going to write a product review in each of my posts next week. In some way or another, I’ll find a way to talk about the products I’ve tried + share what I think. And I’ll also be braver about posting photos I’ve taken. Since Mr. Glass says it’s the only way to close the gap (and I believe him), it’s time for me to practice, put in the work, and just do it. I’m ready to get over this fear, put away my need to be a perfectionist, and just work on developing this aspect of my creativity. I’m feeling anxious and excited, so I hope you guys will hold my hand and encourage me through this process!

What about you? What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Leave a comment and tell me all about it! ♥