Dealing With Hair Loss—Part 1

Ok people, I’m about to get personal.

Last year, I noticed that my hair started falling out more than usual. It started because I had an operation to remove a cyst and then got a digiperm a few months after (bad beauty call–I should’ve resisted the chemical hair treatment for a bit more). Based on all the experts that spoke at the hair events I went to, I knew that it was normal to shed up to 100 strands a day. But in my panic, I got O.C. and actually began counting each strand that fell while I shampooed and dried my hair (around 80 was my worst). #hairpsycho


Despite this, I knew that it wasn’t normal for my body to be shedding this much. One by one, I began to seek out and eliminate the probable causes and see what I could do to fix the problem. Looking back, I basically took a three-pronged approach: I first had to nourish my body, then change my hair products and styling habits, and learn how to manage my stress.

Since this post is Part 1, I’ll discuss how I worked on nourishing my body. Here’s how I got my scalp, hair, and health back on track.  Continue reading

So I Gave Myself A Makeover…

You have to start with yourself, right? Since I’m in the business of giving makeovers (find out more here), I put my skills to the ultimate test…by giving myself one! I actually did this about a month ago and was surprised that I felt sad about letting go of my long hair. I didn’t think I was that attached. But it was was time for a change, so I dove in and scheduled an appointment at the Jing Monis Salon in Greenbelt 1.

Once there, Jing and I discussed what I wanted: something much shorter and modern, but still feminine. He’d just arrived from studying bobs in London, so I was eager to let him play around with that style. Here’s a photo diary of the process:

The obligatory before shot! No makeup (lipstick doesn't count as makeup in my book).

The obligatory before shot! No makeup (well, lipstick doesn’t count as makeup in my book).

Want to see what my makeover looks like? Click, click, click! Continue reading