Review: Perricone MD “No Makeup” Makeup Line

I am obsessed with everything from Perricone MD. Their skincare delivers fantastic results (even though it may not smell so good—read about it here), and now, their “no makeup” makeup line is becoming something I constantly use.

These have earned a spot on my vanity table and in my travel kit!

These have earned a spot on my vanity table and in my travel kit!

My ultimate favorite will always be Perricone MD’s No Foundation Serum (find out why here!). If you’re just starting out and want to invest, this one’s a must. But if you’re already hooked and want to explore more from the line, here’s what I have to say about these three products.  Continue reading

Sparkle TV: Day To Night Makeup Looks (And Another Happy Skin Giveaway!)

Yay, I finally have a new video up! I shared some of my #lazygirlbeauty hacks here, so watch and let me know what you think :)

I make a lot of last-minute plans, so these little tricks always make me feel more put-together and confident enough for a random adventure. If you liked the video, I hope you’ll support my new baby by subscribing to my channel (click here!) and as a special treat…

Here's what it looks like when you open it. I have to admit, the shades just seemed okay at first. Nothing too exciting.

I’m giving THREE of my sparkly subscribers a chance to bring home the “How To Conquer The World” set from Happy Skin! It has both the lippies I used in the video (my detailed review here).

Find out how you can win after the jump! Continue reading

Sparkle TV: Valentine’s Day Makeup Look Tutorial

It is February!!! The month of hearts. The month of romance. The month of l-o-v-e. To honor that, I thought I’d do a little makeup tutorial about my Valentine’s Day Date Look. But if you’re the guy I’m going out on a date with, don’t watch! Haha, you’re not allowed to watch me primp! LOL :p

This video’s my first full makeup tutorial, so I really hope you guys will try this look (tag me on IG if you do!). Oh, and don’t forget to show me some sparkly love and support by subscribing to my channel here and leaving a comment!

Happy V-day makeup practicing!! ♥