My skin’s been a bit lackluster lately—probably due to all the sugary snacks I’ve been munching on and lack of sleep. But I discovered an awesome beauty hack to fix that problem!

Can you tell I'm running on four hours of sleep?

Can you tell I’m running on four hours of sleep?

I was surprised that so many people said I looked fresh the day I took the photo (if they only knew—hehe!). But the kind compliments confirmed that my foundation trick worked, so natch, I had to share the makeup hack with you guys! More about it after the jump! Continue reading

How To Fix An Eyeliner Mishap

Oopsie!! Makeup mishap alert!

This is what happens when you do your makeup while you're still sleepy. Hehe!

This is what happens when you do your makeup while you’re still sleepy. Hehe, it was one of those mornings.

The beauty backstory: I got lazy to finish my brows, so I decided to work on my eyeliner first. After doing one eye, I think I fell asleep for a millisecond—then bam! Haha, I had to blink all that liquid liner goop out of my eye! I don’t even know why it was at the bottom when I was lining my upper lashline.

The good news is, there’s no need to panic when this happens to you! All you need is an upgraded version of this handy bathroom staple to clean this mess up. And it’s only P50 for 100 pieces, too! Click to find out what it is! Continue reading